Ecuador recently approved by the National Assembly, a legal body (Comprehensive Organic Code of Criminal Procedure), which contains an article that would regulate non-crop marketing. This Uruguaya days after the decision to legalize cannabis.Marijuana Legalization in Uruguay TV ECUADOR 15/12/2013 Apparently the country has risked his letter for the restoration of human rights, a key to the constitutionality line and an abandonment to the failed war on drugs. This also gives a symptom of joining the Latin American bloc aimed towards the abandonment of tax policies, international interference and erroneous handling a problem. “Article 222. Sowing or cultivation The person who plants, cultivates or harvests plants to extract which themselves or whose active ingredients are to be used in the production of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, marketing purposes, will be punished with substances imprisonment of one to three years. “Hundreds of scientific studies now support the benefits of marijuana, also it follows traditionally used.  To join the fight check out our global marijuana march and get involved in your local community.

Casual, regular and problematic uses are a subject to bediscussed in the light of reason, science and various conoceres, where multiculturalism will play an important role in the future of our society. In any case we are leaving repression, on this issue for the past. 108 law, current law of narcotics and psychotropic substances violates human rights, has two claims of unconstitutionality and achieved penalize wrongly users and consumers, leaving unpunished leaders of drug trafficking and organized crime. There will be voices unfavorable to this measure, they will believe it is a political booty, a method of blackmail or political error. Those people ignore completely the work of organized civil society, of reasonable proposals and the struggle of the last 6 years. But who will smile we will have the opportunity to see our increasingly free plants. What?Who? Where? When? How much? How? It is to be defined, you mietras so we would not have MORE THAN ONE PLANT IN HOUSE ;) full text PENAL CODE ORGANIC INTEGRAL. Sources: National Assembly of Ecuador. Television – YouTube.