In a letter from the Emperor Shen Nung court dating from 2737. C. is the first complete description of the hemp plant. It is recommended against malaria, rheumatic pains and female disorders.

Cannabis is a plant native to the plains of Central Asia, spread throughout the globe thanks to human intervention. Because of its rapid spread and environmental adaptability, Cannabis had a great impact on the expressions of different cultures. The Assyrians, for example, knew the grass and it is known that they used at least since the ninth century BC as an anesthetic and to face the journey to death. Sanskrit writings in talking about the “happiness pills” made with hemp and sugar gum. (29) was grown widely in India and was part of the Hindu religion. It is mentioned in the writings of Sustra, the oldest Hindu treatise of medicine, and in the books of the Vedas is credited Vilahia denominándosele divine origins, meaning Studio of life. (38)

According to some authors, hemp was introduced in Latin America by black slaves (7, 10); according to other sources, it came thanks to the British colonialists, Spanish and Portuguese (3, 37). Whatever the way in which has arrived, it is a fact that indigenous Mesoamerican adopted it as part of their natural medicine for hundreds of years ago. Currently, the Tepehuas of Mexico’s also used for ritual purposes, especially when there is little peyote.

Etymology and names

Unfortunately there are not many sources that explore the etymology of this word.Among the few that there is a training manual Mexican agents of the Attorney General of the Republic (30) ensures that the word marijuana comes from malihuana Nahuatl, composed of mallin which means prisoner word, hua which means property, and ana termination, catch, grab, grab. It is assumed that the natives to identify the plant with the name malihuana, wanted to express that the plant takes over the individual. Americans believe that marijuana is a contraction of the names Maria and Juana and have made marijuana.

Currently, each region has its own way of referring to marijuana. In Mexico, for example, it is called mota or grass and in Spain Mary, while she made cigars are known as Chubys, dubis, hints, joins, pot or reefer. The person using this psychoactive regularly also have specific names in Mexico is a pacheco or stoner, although the latter word has rather derogatory connotations; and in Spain it is a stoner and in terms despectivoso one fumeta. Who is under the influence of marijuana in Mexico it is high or pacheco, and Spain is loaded or emporrado.



Originally, the Cannabis has two main varieties: indica and sativa. Some authors suggest that a third variety is the rudelaris, but most recognize only the first two.However, today you can buy cannabis seeds from more than a hundred different varieties genetically generally developed by American and Dutch from variations, hybridizations and polihibridaciones.

If not harvest can reach up to 4 meters high. Its lanceolate, serrated leaves that can grow to 15 cm long, distinguished uniquely. Fingerings have between 3 and 15 segments, although usually they are 7 to 9 fragments.

Flowers male plant
reproduces by pollination through wind, so its cultivation requires the presence of two genders: male plants that produce pollen and seeds that give female.

The leaves and flowers of the latter contain higher concentrations of THC and are only used for their psychoactive properties.

Preflores female plant

Cannabis plant contains about 400 different chemicals, 60 of which are structurally related to the delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is the main psychoactive of this plant. It also contains other cannabinoids such as delta-8 which is the second active; the rest of them are inactive or weak assets that have the potential to increase its activity with THC.

The concentration of psychoactive substances depends on the variety of Cannabis: the most psychoactive are indica and sativa and less concentrated is the rudelaris.

The amount of THC varies between 1 and 4% in five Americans and 15% crops in most resinous Asian plants. In genetically developed varieties usually it seeks the values ​​are the highest possible.

Farnsworth (5) states that variations in the chemical composition and biological activity of Cannabis in man, are mainly due to the fact that some of its components are unstable and change shape; these biological conversions occur faster in the tropics than in temperate climates, so expect that plants grown in warm places have greater psychoactive concentrations. Moreover, these concentrations continue to have biological plant conversions once harvested, so you samples of the same specimen that does not have the same storage time, give rise to different effects when it is consumed.

Forms of adulteration

Overall, this is the least at risk of drug adulteration. However, the illicit cultivation of marijuana, not being subject to quality controls, can be sprayed with toxic herbicides such as Paracuat® that are corrosive to the esophagus and fail to produce fibrosis, a severe form of lung damage.


Mechanism of action and forms of employment

For therapeutic and recreational uses mainly leaves and blooms (buds) of the female plant are dried, crushed and smoked in common pipes, waterpipes, vaporizers or cigarettes.

They can also be mixed with flour to make cakes, cookies, brownies, pancakes, etc.

The effects of smoked grass or inhaled through a vaporizer begin five to ten minutes after pulmonary administration and last between one and two hours.

The effects of oral ingestion begin after half; They are stronger and more durable and can last up to five hours maximum.

Finally found specific receptors in acting THC, are the CB1 that are located mainly in the molecules of the basal ganglia involved in the coordination of voluntary movements, in the hippocampus which is the seat of short-term memory and in the cerebellum, responsible for the coordination of balance and fine movements.In the frontal lobe and the temporal seat of working memory it is and here are also many CB1 receptors. Likewise they are in places like the striated cortex, the cerebral cortex and frontal cortex that controls the “executive” brain functions, such as fantasies, depersonalization and changes in the perception of time. Finally, the existence of CB1 receptors in regions of the limbic system related to emotional and motivational behavior may help explain both the euphoric effects and its ability to trigger reactions panic / anxiety and called “amotivational syndrome” asocaido prolonged use this psychoactive. (fifty)

Another curious and rebelador information about cannabinoids is still detectable in blood plasma up to 30 days after consumption of hashish or marijuana because the molecules of the active compounds are absorbed by fatty tissues and are released very slowly compared with other psychoactive drugs.

therapeutic uses

Hemp was a kind of panacea before being banned and it seems that still is in spite of it: in several Asian and Latin American countries its poles are boiled for relaxing infusions able to facilitate contractions during labor pains; leaves macerated in alcohol anoint to cure rheumatic pains or smoked to relieve asthma and headaches caused by migraine.

In Mexican newspapers fifties statements like this they were still “marijuana is a great analgesic for rheumatic pains and this remedy is prepared with alcohol and crushed garlic being widely used by our poor people who still resort to pharmacopeia home. “(4)

Currently it is studied, primarily in the UK, the use of cannabinoids synthesized from THC and marketed as Marinol dronabinol and nabilone, as Cesamet®. These synthetic drugs seek to physically isolate the therapeutic properties of perceptual alterations, but have not been very successful to decouple one thing from the other.  Marijuana decriminalization is very important in this modern day and age, and it will likely have a great impact on the future of this industry as a whole.

The greatest merits of marijuana as a therapeutic agent in Western medicine are in inhibiting pictures of nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and pain in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy or in patients suffering from AIDS and AZT is administered. Experimentally also it is used quite successfully in multiple tables arterisclerosis, mainly to suppress symptomatic spasms. I did an interview in Barcelona Manuel Tena a person suffering from this evil who states the following:

I just want there to be transparency. Let the truth be known. For example, as in my case, that for four years I suffer a disease is multiple sclerosis, it is known that marijuana is the best that has been found to treat it. I’ve been through a whole series of social and labor problems, to get to know my doctor which team depend Because ultimately if something happens to me I have to resort to him, it is learned that in California are testing and England there are 500 patients who are doing quite well with marijuana, but not here legally can prescribe me. There is nothing here. Here my doctors I can not say yes, smokes marijuana, try to see how well you do. If I were not in the one that is where all substances with no therapeutic value they could investigate this with your group of patients are List.They could tell me test this species in this way, in this dose … For all the drugs that we have to know them to get to know to what level and what benefits it can give you. What I want is transparency. Information. (See more about this in the interview ARSEC members)

In the experimental treatment of glaucoma, caused by excessive fluid pressure within the eyeball, marijuana, smoked or derivatives TCH administered orally, significantly reduce pressure. And one of its components, canabidiólico acid is considered a powerful disinfectant. These are the only therapeutic uses that to date recognizes institutional medicine. However, such recognition has not changed legislation prohibiting medical use worldwide. Only it has legislated about it in Germany, the United Kingdom, in some states of the American Union and recently in Spain.

Leslie L. Iversen, offers us in his book Marijuana, current scientific knowledge, the following summary of the conclusions regarding the therapeutic uses of cannabis:

1. The only therapeutic uses that have scientific evidence is for the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy, and as a stimulant that counteracts the loss of appetite and cachexia associated with AIDS. There is, however, evidence that support the potential use of cannabis in other illnesses, in particular those related to muscle spasms and possibly painful as an alternative method for treating resistant clinical pain. At the moment, only they have anecdotal cases in diseases such as multiple sclerosis, spasticity, spinal cord injuries, migraine, glaucoma or epilepsy.

2. The safety profile of THC-the active ingredient of Cannabis is good, because it has a very low toxicity in the short and long term. However, some of sis acute effects, including central unpleasant reactions, poisoning and temporary injuries of motor and cognitive functions, limit the usefulness of THC as a drug. Apparently, there is a narrow margin between doses that produce the desired effects and unwanted.

3. Due to the cardiovascular effects of THC and its tendency to worsen the symptoms of schizophrenia, patients with mental disorders or cardiovascular diseases are not fit subjects eleborados treatment from cannabis. As with many other drugs that affect the CNS, cannabis should be avoided during pregnancy.

4. Safety of smoked marijuana is a controversial issue, since in a number of regular users causes chronic bronchitis, and due to riesgod and that long-term relationship with cancers of the respiratory tract is established, does not seem advisable recommend prolonged use. However, in certain cases of critically ill patients it is justified use of marijuana for humanitarian purposes.

5. In all cases, without forgetting the use of smoked marijuana, make better controlled clinical trials needed and is also needed urgently, research on improving methods of drug administration. (fifty)


As already mentioned, the power of this psychoactive depends on various factors such as the variety of the plant, the climate in which it was grown and the time that has being harvested. Because of this the dosage is not very precise.

Taking as a parameter rolled cigar material regular power, low dose can be achieved with ½ cigar, medium dose and high one with more than one. If there is a lethal dose, it is not still. According Escohotado (15) is reached inject up to 57 grams of liquid extract of Cannabis in the jugular of a dog that weighed 12 kilos and to the surprise of researchers, the animal recovered after being unconscious day and a half.

No more than half of THC in a cigarette is absorbed through the lungs, thus, a cigarette of approximately 250 mg containing about 1% THC only supplies the body with 2.5 mg of this substance. (5)

It has been much speculation about the increased concentrations of THC in the crops from the late seventies as it is believed that a higher quality product involves a greater risk of poisoning; however, regular users of marijuana tend to practice what is known as self-regulation, ie smoke to recognize the effects expected; if marijuana is not of good quality, they continue to smoke, if very powerful, they stop. According to a user of the Internet explains, experienced marijuana consumers are used to purchase your grass from different supplies, and know that if you smoke a cigar all a very potent herb, are going to get “very Pachecos”. As being “very Pacheco” is rather an unpleasant experience, smokers quickly learn to take their time and “test the waters” when you do not know how strong marijuana.(17)

Regarding the dosage in cases of oral ingestion, it depends on the recipe to be followed; for example, to prepare four cookies speck, according to some recipe that is widely circulated in cyberspace, you need:

– The contents of four marijuana cigarettes,
– tablespoon oil or butter
– 1 cup oatmeal or wheat,
– 1 egg or 8 tablespoons cassis liqueur or some other liquor containing egg
– ½ cup sugar,
– raisins or nuts to taste.
Marijuana is mixed with the oil or butter , softened until incorporated, then the remaining ingredients mixed. Cookies are formed with the dough, put in a pan previously painted with oil and dusted with flour and bake at 350 ° C for about ten minutes. (17, 39)

psychological and physiological effects

The psychological effects are not easy to describe, as itself, Cannabis intoxication have different symptoms and are unpredictable. Each individual has a different experience every time you use it. Taking this into consideration, it is only possible to mention some general aspects that appear as constants in various scientific research:

The first is the increase in visual acuity, tactile, gustatory and especially hearing.Facts are enough musicians who often use it for the purpose of listening or composing music. Regarding the distorted conception of time, we think this is one of the few variables that all studies are unanimous. Several respondents commented that the time intervals seem subjectively elastic, ie, the minutes seem like hours minutes and seconds, time seems to run more slowly. According narrows Grinspoon (20), this is probably related to the rapid succession of ideas and impressions that cross the field of consciousness. In Similarly, paralysis of the function of immediate memory destroys the sense of continuity which in turn is closely related to the sense of the passage of time.

At low doses usually also experienced the aforementioned effects, a considerable decrease in the level of care and a sense of personal conscience more marked.Changes in average doses are more visible, while in high doses visual illusions, lassitude and drowsiness culminating in a deep sleep may occur.

Subjects who smoked marijuana for the first or even fifth time have reported psychological feel no perceptible change despite suffering the inherent physical changes, that is, cardiac disorders, dry mouth and redness in the eyes. Other novice users report uncontrollable laughter and sense of well-being; others speak of periods of introspection and others have noticed feelings of strangeness and anxiety, and paranoia or panic, especially in cases where the drug is consumed in a public place or under any potential threat.

The usual consumer forgone these initial effects as it used to be in a modified state of consciousness and thereafter the sensations found are far more subjective as introspection, creativity, tranquility, relaxation, increased perception or specialized, etc. Without these subjective states stop relying as always on the circumstances of consumption and quality of marijuana.

In most subjects, as the effects disappear, often it arises a big appetite, with preference for sweet foods. Weil and his colleagues found that the theory that was due to hypoglycemia caused by the action of the active components of the herb was a mistake, because they found no significant changes in blood sugar values ​​after smoking cannabis. His new theory suggests that sweet foods are appropriate to increase the available glucose and maintain optimal oxygenation. (40)

In the opinion of Antonio Escohotado it seems to be a basic polarity, or perhaps better an alternation in the subjective effects of marijuana:

On one side are the raucous laughter, enhanced playful and comical side of things, the immediate emotional outpouring … In addition there is an element of foreboding and dark anxiety, a tendency to go to the bottom-seldom risueño- of reality, we offers crisp so everything could or should have done and have not done, the dimension of failure inherent to our lives. (fifteen)

Whenever they have had sufficient initial experiences, which can be between 4 and 20 depending on the personality and circumstances, the consumer learns to know the basic range of possible effects and these can become more subtle and to some manageable point. According to several reports, marijuana tends to accentuate or increase basic personality traits, that is, if a person is introverted, it will be more, but if you have a psychotic personality trend may become a real psychotic.

In the intellectual field, the Cannabis increases the imagination but decreases the concentration. The language often changes of pace and sometimes appear inconsistent, although intoxicated usually have the impression being expressed with wit and brilliance. According Azuela and Vidal, two Mexican students who made their psychology degree thesis about marijuana:

conclusions regarding any matter appear to be already developed in the mind and impress with their clarity, the author attributes this to the subjective conviction that the flow of thoughts has accelerated tremendously; the lack of consistency in the language that results from this is a consequence of such conviction to a weakness of the mind combines to store memories, so that thoughts are forgotten almost from the time they are expressed. (5)

This situation is very marked in novice consumers, however, some regular users come to overcome such effects and ensure they are able to take advantage of the process. The writer William Burroughs (8), for example, says that many of the scenes of his book Naked Lunch’s because marijuana because it helped trigger mental processes of association that otherwise would have been inaccessible. The American poet Allen Ginsberg for his part, wrote a First Manifesto to end Prohibition in which he described his own experiences with marijuana in the following terms:

Occasionally I prefer to use marijuana than alcohol, and I have been doing for decades. When I say occasional, I mean it in the literal sense: I have spent under its effects more or less the same hours I’ve spent in cinemas, sometimes 3 hours a week, sometimes 12 or 20 or more, as at festivals of cinema- always experiencing the same degree of alteration in my normal awareness about the mysterious livid universe of joy, sorrow, discovery, birth and death; occasionally I have also experienced under its effect emptiness and bewilderment to their forms and states of consciousness described in the Prajna Paramita Sutra, central to Buddhism or even Christian or Hindu perspective of the Cosmos … consciousness under the marijuana transmutes attention stereotyped verbal symbols gears towards more direct, slow, absorbing, occasionally tiny … sensory phenomena marijuana is a useful catalyst for specific optical and golden aesthetic perceptions. Under the influence of marijuana I understood in a new way the structure of certain pieces of jazz and classical music and these understandings have been valid for years in my normal consciousness. The first time I discovered how to watch the Magic Charts Klee (as three-dimensional spatial structures) was for the effects of marijuana. I saw ( “deep”) for the first time the “petit sensation” of Cezane about space captured in a two-dimensional fabric (by advancing and receding colors, organization of triangles, cubes, etc., as the painter He describes in his letters) as he watched the Bathers under the influence of marijuana. And I watched as many new vistas and landscapes of nature than before, without realizing it, had blindly seen; its grandeur and its details were made aware through the use of marijuana.These perceptions are permanent, any profound aesthetic experience leaves a footprint and an idea about that seek to confirm later. (18)

As for the physical, we need after administration slightly increased heart rate, dilation of blood vessels, expansion of the bronchioles, red eyes and dry mouth occurs. Psychomotor coordination can be altered depending on the amount used.

In measurements with the technique of electroencephalography (EEG) responses to acute action of this psychoactive evinced own brain activity corresponding to the vigil pattern, although sometimes, typical brain activity short and slow wave state was observed rest or sleep; also it revealed that changes in the EEG during subsequent sleep to marijuana showed a significant change in sleep patterns, since subjects reduced the number of rapid eye movement that characterizes REM sleep and were more non-REM sleep. (fifty)

In the case of chronic users they have been detected menstrual abnormalities in women and decreased testosterone levels and reduced accounts sperm in men.There is no report on possible genetic damage in babies whose parents use marijuana regularly.

Several of the sources also indicate that most consumers who have been smoking marijuana daily for a duration of two years, have a chronic pattern of fatigue, laziness, emotional instability, lack of energy, lack of motivation, reduced productivity and loss of initiative. It is also necessary to state that other sources deny it or simply do not mention cumulative effects of chronic poisoning.

Comparative risk pulmonary level between smoking snuff and smoking marijuana, are lower in the case of marijuana: TCH acts as a bronchodilator by opening the lungs, while nicotine does exactly the opposite; one marijuana cigarette contains less tar than one of snuff and as fewer puffs of the former than the latter to experience its effects is needed and they last longer in the case of marijuana, an immoderate consumer of snuff smoke more cigarettes an immoderate consumer of marijuana; also not a single documented case of lung cancer due to the use of marijuana in the absence of smoking.

It is worth mentioning that the risks of smoking can be minimized by using vaporizers or water pipes. Tars enter the body when being burned. A vaporizer or bong, does not allow any type of combustion, all it does is heated to 187 ° C marijuana, THC enough to turn into a vapor or gas temperature practically odorless. This THC vapor is all that the user inhales.

Dependence potential

It is significantly high, even if it is only psychological dependence. Consumption habits and reiterated generates associations conditioned difficult to break.Marijuana does not cause physical dependence, so his retirement does not produce any organic abstinencial syndrome. However, some psychological symptoms such as anxiety, tension or irritability that disappear after a few weeks may occur.

The phenomenon of tolerance in marijuana is quite unique. Many people who use this psychoactive first usually do not experience its effects until after the second or third time and with high doses, while chronic users often have cases of reverse tolerance, this means that, in the repetition of the same dose for prolonged periods, a decrease occurs in the amount necessary to cause the same effects. It has been found that THC accumulates in the fatty areas of the body and slowly reintegrated into the bloodstream to be excreted, so that a regular consumer who has a body reserve the active ingredient, requires only a small dose to start up a conditioning process of activating the accumulated THC.


Marijuana is a drug with higher safety margins. He never reported a single case of poisoning death when smoked. The only immediate danger of consumption is the possibility of having a call malviaje manifested by anxiety, fear and paranoid ideas, in which case it is recommended to instill confidence and serenity to the consumer, changing environment and be truly necessary, administer 5 mg of haloperidol (Haldol).


current legal regime

Marijuana is banned, belongs to Schedule I. In practice this means that there is no authorization to sell marijuana for recreational purposes, except for what happens in the Netherlands, who did not sign the ratification of the international treaty and on whose territory is absolutely legal harvest, sale and consumption of cannabis and its derivatives in Special device required for this purpose places (coffee shops, smart shops and grow-shops).

In the other attached to the UN countries to use this plant or its dereivados scientific purposes must follow a series of bureaucratic procedures that, at least in Mexico, usually last several months or years. Since their are still not recognized by the World Health Organization, worldwide medical uses not yet cultivation and marketing for therapeutic purposes is authorized.

However, each day more regions of the globe that gradually begin to decriminalize its use for therapeutic purposes. In November 1996 the US states of California and Arizona approved its medical use. Immediately the administration of President Clinton was given the task of reversing the initiatives approved in those states, arguing that it was a national strategy to legalize drugs and decriminalize drug use (35), but this idea did not prosper and the decriminalization not only it prevailed but has spread to other states of the American Union and territory of Canada.

In March 2000 the Constitutional Court of Germany also approved the therapeutic use of marijuana throughout its territory, while maintaining the ban on recreational use for the rest of the population. The same happened already in the UK and in Spain from mid-2001.

In the case of Mexican law on drugs, is not yet recognized that marijuana has no therapeutic value, but as the consumption of it is not penalized, according to the tables penalties provided for in Article 195 bis of the Code criminal for the Federal District in Common Matters and for the entire Republic in Federal Matters, carrying less than 30 grams of marijuana is considered personal consumption and no penalty is not applied under Article 199 of the Code. The average active dose contained in this page Drugs just like that … is 250 mg (equivalent to a cigarette).A larger amount is considered as traffic itself is subject to penalty, depending on the amount (see tables).

The ancient ritual uses of cannabis

In Nepal and Tibet this plant was used since time immemorial by yogis as an aid in meditation, and devout men used it as a symbol of fraternity consuming group. A telling detail is that initially not smoked but preparing decoctions of the plant who drank in a ritual context and with a fairly spaced intervals. Who began the custom of smoking the elders who resorted to it to kill time when his advanced age prevented them from working in the field (See more about this in interview with Helen Flix).  For more info on our company please read our about us page.

In Africa, cannabis use was known as a source of pleasure and religious purposes long before the arrival of Europeans. Commonly known as dagga, Pygmies, Zulus and Hottentots used it in their religious rituals and as a healing remedy. It is known to use in religious ceremonies of Ethiopia is lost in the mists of time and that the first Coptic Christians adopted it in their religious cermonias. (fifty)

In India, the first sadhus (wandering ascetics) were nomads by choice, lived in forests and caves or walked without stopping, feeding on the alms that people dispenses them. It was supposed to passing through the different populations spiritual energy radiated by increasing awareness of each region and the world.They practiced physical austerity, including celibacy and long periods of fasting.

The figure gradually petered sadhus, coinciding with bhang abuse initially used to concentrate their thoughts on the divine and endure hardship. Her hair hung in the form of long strands and tangled, her skin was covered with sand or ashes, and carried only a few rags or went naked. They believed that consumption of bhang gave them a spiritual power, approaching them to the truth and served them to pay homage to Shiva, who said it was permanently under the influences of cannabis. (fifty)

Researchers like Gordon Wasson support the idea that three thousand years before our time India could have found the verge of a psychedelic era as the United States in the sixties due to the high amount of sadhus smoking of bhang in whom it was impossible to determine if predominated sattva (lighting) or shots (indolence), so the wise Brahmins would have had to do all that was within their power to prevent such abuse. This would also explain why the Gautama Siddhartha the Buddha was so against poisoning to include it among the five forbidden things, with murder, theft, lying and adultery (See more about this in The fungus and genesis cultures and religions).

Hemp as subversive standard in European colonies

Since the ancient custom of consuming psychoactive hemp products and poppy was strongly rooted in African and Asian colonies of Europe, England a dual strategy arises: phasing in the use of Western drugs and usufructuar meantime local psychotropic drugs . In the latter company it achieved considerable success and although European literature of the early twentieth century describes the charas as “a silly and cruel drug, whose use is properly excluded from civilized medicine” (25), in 1909 British India matters to others territories (Nepal and Afghanistan mostly) hashish or marijuana in amounts exceeding the combined value of all other exports related to medicine or recreation during the period.

The substitution plan psychoactive does not run with the same fate. In fact counterproductive, as from 1925, for England hashish had become a symbol of a subversive attitude that began to gain strength throughout Egypt. “The Egyptians flying their drug against whiskey and gin, against snuff and cigarettes … against everything that represented the colonial power.” (16) Large sectors of Algeria, Tunisia and Libya-then colonies used French- also various preparations made from hemp, so at the request of Britain, France, Belgium and Spain during the Geneva Convention in 1925, hemp is added to the list of controlled substances.

Although the government of the United States signs and ratifies the agreement does not dictate any internal law mandating compliance but 12 years later, until the extrafarmacológicos elements necessary to make it come together.

Mexican immigrants Tax Act and the economic interests behind Marijuana

According to the report that the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse (NCMDA) presents the government of the United States in 1972: “The soldiers of the army of Pancho Villa had a reputation for making free use of the drug. Smoking marijuana for pleasure in the US did not penetrate through European channels, which broadcast the fiber, oil and medical uses of hemp, but via Mexico and West Indians. “(22)

During the twenties thousands of Mexicans both legal and illegally installed in various areas of Louisiana, California, Florida, Colorado, Texas and Utah. At this time there are many jobs in agriculture and industry and Mexicans are willing to work for low wages. As a result they are welcome and indeed some of their customs begin to spread in their places of work and recreation. It should be noted that there is also the theory that African slaves who were brought to America the novelty of smoking Cannabis. However, as pointed out by Mr. Schoeder, a parent who takes the trouble to investigate why the US government lies to their children was made: “The most plausible explanation is also the simplest. Marijuana became important when the Constitutional Amendment number 18 and the Volstead Act banned alcohol. Marijuana was a cheap and ‘satisfactory’ substitute brandy, produced the same ‘stimulants’ effects and was not in principle illegal. “(37)

More and more Americans recognize that Mexicans became a nuisance as work began to dwindle with the depression 29. “The politicians (who were trying to please the kind of white workers) claimed that Mexicans were responsible a wave of violent crime. Law enforcement statistics do not show anything like that; in fact Mexicans were involved in less crime than whites … “(17)

During Prohibition, “be a police officer was a nice thing, you were receiving a relatively decent salary, respect, partial impunity before the law, and the opportunity to receive bribes (if you were that kind of person).” (17) The prohibition Alcohol not only leaves a decade of interdictivos failures but to a large number of official unemployed who are unwilling to abandon their lifestyle and pressure their government to make a rearrangement in the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (FBNDD) .

Harry J. Anslinger as political nephew of Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon was appointed director, the Bureau was given the task of articulating a national campaign against the new enemy. Anslinger himself relates in his book The Murderers: “On radio and in major forums I related the story of this evil weed that grows in the fields, riverbanks and roadsides. I wrote articles for magazines, our agents gave hundreds of lectures to parents, educators and civic and social leaders. I followed on television broadcasts denouncing the increasing number of crimes, including rape and murder. “(18) needed mainly to scare parents and teachers to convince the country that their jobs were important.

Seizing the opportunity they soon appear groups like Patriotic Allied Society, the Key Men of America and the American Coalition, that his desire to maintain a ‘morally clean’ country add considerations of racial-work order: “They caught Mexican traffickers giving cigarettes to children in schools. Our nation has plenty of labor and marijuana is a direct consequence of Mexican immigration. “(9).

As if that were not enough, there is another very interesting factor that the report does not mention the NCMDA: During the first half of the thirties the hemp paper industry begins to gain momentum. To the extent that various journals argue that within a few years the national harvest hemp reach the first place, but just in those years the company Dupont® patented chemical treatment of wood pulp and decided to partner with a newspaper chain William R. Hearst owned for the operation of a new type of paper. This begins the era of “yellow journalism”, so called because, unlike hemp paper, paper pulp wood treated with chemical acid turns yellow after a few months or years (depending on the concentration).Although this new role is cheaper, hemp is stronger and more durable, it does not require logging and does not harm the atmosphere with dangerous chemicals, so many buyers continue in preference.

Realizing that to monopolize the market needs to get competitive producers of hemp, Hearst seeks the support of the banker and Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon. This gives its support for the multi-billion dollar company and thereafter the speeches of his nephew Anslinger are complemented by the production of a documentary titled Reefer Madness (something like The Madness Porro). “The message was that the grass leads to dementia, pillage, rape and murder.” (22) The Madness of touch fulfills its mission, manages to influence public opinion and in 1936, on the basis that the marijuana and its derivatives had already been included in an international agreement, rises to the Treasury a draft repressive regulations, not only against psychoactive hemp parties, but against all use of the plant.

In addition to the poorly organized producers, no one protests because most Americans do not know that hemp and marijuana are the same thing and no one could associate the diabolical Mexico with grass ropes that tied shoes. A year later unanimously approved the Marijuana Tax Act and is strictly forbidden to consume cannabis on US soil. His cultivate and import for industrial and defense needs are subjected thereafter to tender Treasury Department. “Henceforth, and until 1971, all decisions of the Congress on drug be approved by absolute unanimity … the circumstance shows how any gesture other than the maximum rigor would be for the deputies and senators an act against electioneering majesty and therefore , political suicide. “(17)

The military uses of hemp

During World War II, when the Allies landed in Algeria and Morocco and bombard Germany, the United States is legalized hemp cultivation. Through a film called Hemp for Victory (Hemp for Victory), the government promotes the cultivation of marijuana for military uses. This is to make tarps, rigging, sails shipping, etc. The document instructs the Patriots:

Since the Philippines and the East Indies are in the hands of the Japanese, American hemp must refill the needs of the Army and Navy, as well as industry. In 1942, the Patriots farmers planted 36 acres of hemp at the invitation of the government. For 1943 the goal is 50 thousand acres … Beware of hemp, to cultivate it legally you must purchase a federal registration and tax stamp. (22)

It may be to add that once the war ended those records and stopped lavishing seals. What certainly worth mentioning is the comment of an American magazine to its rescued by journalist Manu Dornbierer in the drug war readers:

We all know that speck (pot) became illegal in 1937 after a tremendous disinformation campaign. What many do not remember, however, that cannabis became legal again in 1942 and would remain so for the duration of World War II.Why? Because the government needed cannabis for making ropes, shoes, uniforms and parachutes. Which means that when President George Bush today jumped out of his fighter plane was the cannabis that saved his life. (12)

Five basic principles for assessing the quality of marijuana

In the Special 2000 of the Spanish magazine Hemp, there is an article entitled “Know, distinguish and choose the buzz” written by Reverend X, a true taster of Cannabis, which establishes the following five parameters to mention the quality of a variety:

a) effect up and down, which produces “mental highs” or “body highs”. In his own words, “we call up those herbs that induce stimulating situations, and down those whose qualities are more sedatives; to understand, sativas tend to stimulate the emotions, inspiring sociability, and bla bla-ha-ha, while the Indic produce more tranquilizers and sedative effects, for its high content in cannabinoids. ”

b) duration of effect, which can be short: 15 to 30 minutes or longer: 7 to 6 hours

c) tolerance, that is, the ability or inability of the same pot to produce the same initial sensation. “So an herb high tolerance in less than a week has fed us and put us low tolerance always the same, but with a high intensity (are the most sought after and appreciated).”

d) roof top or summit, this is the number of puffs or “puffing” that can give the same material, “most indica varieties reach the roof from the tenth shed … should not insist if not wants to get an undesired effect (coughing, hoarseness, etc.) However, not so with the sativas, because the ceiling is so high that it seems that does not exist for them; this means that the more you consume more balloon catch, what usually happens with Mexican sativas such as Oaxaca or the Poisson Durban of South Africa, or with northern Thailand, true grasses homeless. ”

e) mental side effects that arise once past the effects, “when we force growing trend in the overall result is that … can produce some unexpected anxiety, but not always.”

Reverend X warns that in general terms “the art of growing, harvesting at the right time and correct curing” influence on all these aspects, although most are genetically inherited principles.

With these parameters more taste or flavor, Reverend X (9) usually analyze different varieties of marihuanas the results published in the journal hemp. Some seem good and some bad. Analyzing the variety Blue Grass for example, he says it has a “meaty taste, very persistent, with rancid and unctuous touches at once”;and a “very acceptable, large and long stone. Surprising “, so it concludes that” if the coffee was tasting would be the jamainca of the Blue Mountains “. By contrast, the Flash Jack did not like, says he has a little persistent “dry and pungent stoned;and tolerance very high. ”

Holland an exceptional case: coffee shops, smart shops and grow-shops

In 1999 I had the opportunity to go first to Amsterdam and this visit was as much a shock as an experience incomparable happiness for me.
Before arriving in this country knew was allowed consumption called “soft drugs” and had special places to buy them and eat them in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.What I figured is that they were never so many and varied.

This type of establecimeintos are divided into coffee shops, grow shops and smart shops, in the first basically there are marijuana and hashish from different varieties that offer consumers via whiteboards and “menus” of the most pintorezcos where they put the variety Cannabis, place of origin and price.

The coffee shops are decorated to capture mercadológicamente certain types of consumers according to their cultural and musical preferences and to offer a wide range undecided and explorers of originality.

They range from the predictable regge type, overexploited figure Marley, even the most sophisticated art deco; through the Gothic and Latin American style, the trance, ambient and live DJs, Oriental and even alternative and new age type …

Anywhere you get flyers and guide Amsterdam full of propaganda and invitations to meet, so spontaneous habit among the newcomers is to visit several each night and eventually repeat the one you liked them or become regular in any if you plan to stay a good season in this stunning capital of cosmopolitanism and the vanguard.

For the relaxed music, beautifully decorated with Buddhist mandalas and labyrinths, the friendly treatment of employees, the quality of hashish and being the favorite Janet, my host, one of the most visited was the Rokery.

The weekend was too crowded and you played sit on the stairs or along one wall where people formed to make you a henna tattoo.

Who told me more about the different environments of coffee-shops and local customs was Susan.

At that time she worked in the coffee-shop oldest of Amsterdam, very little frequented by tourists and regulars whose clients are mostly local workers and students. (See more about this in the interview with Susan)

The grow-shops sell cannabis seeds, fertilizer and special equipment for growing your own crops indoors and paraphernalia for smoking and miscellaneous articles made with hemp products, from teas and soaps to clothing and shoes.

At first it was a shock to me to see that in the Soffe shops sell only the huge buds, clean and Seedless! Being so used to clean my speck, as is done in Mexico and save, share and plant the seeds of the ones I liked, I found the height of commercialism here to sell you everything separately. On the one hand the buds, on the other seeds and initially even thought the tea bags were the leaves and twigs also separately!

I looked like a complete nonsense and a big scam because that you had no relationship between the quality of what you bought them about a coffee-shop with the seeds that you sold other in a grow-shop, since in my country, if something had smoked a day had fascinated me, just planted the seeds in my garden or even pulling over there on the fertile land around my house in Tepoztlan and after the rains and there looked happy plantitas …

I guess what most annoyed me was that you have to pay for the “coconuts” (seeds), which in Mexico is included for the same price and you can save, discard, give away or sow as hell you want … After I began to realize that in Europe so yet because oranges or leave them the seeds! The radical shift away from nature scared me pretty as my friends Amsterdam seemed never to have been aware of the smell of wet earth for even planted in pots its unknowns and genetically manipuladísimas seeds, and to make matters worse, made them grow with artificial light! Something that in Mexico is as unthinkable as unnecessary. And not to mention the first times I smoked in Amsterdam the same amount that was used to smoking in Mexico … nothing to do … Marijuana in Amsterdam is much more powerful, but it’s really more artificial. The cumulative effects over paranoia seemed kind of lethargy type, as with the Mexican.

Moreover, the smart-shops are other shops where psychoactive purchases to take and not to eat there since most do not have public spaces for such long journeys and, depending on the consumer, they could even become annoying or dangerous for the safety of others. In these stores but not marijuana and hashish psychoactive mushrooms and cactus are sold, as well as seeds, spores and dried plants Salvia divinorum style, Peganum armala, Mimosa tenuiflora, etc. There are also others in which the so-called smart-drugs are sold, or different capsules with herbal preparations [sic] with euphoric effects the vast majority are offered as herbal substitutes ecstasy is forbidden, but if you look overpriced tourist they offer it on the street along with the rest of “hard drugs”, especially cocaine …

The smart-shop that I liked was that Conscious Dreams has several branches in Amsterdam. According to his manager, Marjie, whom I interviewed for this site was the first of its kind opened in Holland and his goal was to provide material psychoactive seek introspection rather than simple fun.

To support this trend and the dissemination of knowledge about psychoactive plants in their stores also sell many books related to the subject. There bought for example Pharmacoteon Jonathan Ott and the two great books Shulguin PHIKAL and THIKAL.
Says Marjie that the government has too controlled all such establecimeintos and press enough to avoid selling their products by mail outside the Netherlands, as it is very large international pressure, especially from the United States and its European neighbors , to end the climate of libartad on drugs that exists in this country exceptional.

(See the full interview Marjie)

Dutch seed banks

Today you can buy cannabis seeds from more than a hundred different varieties, indica, sativa, hybrids and polyhybrids genetically developed by banks of Dutch seeds that sell by mail in addition to offering them in smart shops of Amsterdam and Rotterdam and in stores dedicated to selling paraphernalia for self-cultivation in Barcelona and other cities in Spain and the United States. Major banks are Sensi Seeds, Greenhouse, Paradise Seeds and Dutch Passion Serious Seeds.

The history of all these banks is similar. Paradise Seeds was founded in 1994 it arose from the need for an own production for coffee shops of Amsterdam who sold hashish and imported marijuana poor quality, and decided to grow indoors some varieties from the United States who crossed with other higher quality from Asia and Latin America. The demand for these new varieties increased and this company was founded whose most potent varieties are Sensi Star, Nebula, Dutch Dragon and Durga Mata.

Sensi Seeds is another seed bank emerged to cater originally the Dutch domestic market however has become the largest exporter in its class. Her four best varieties are the Jack Herer, the Marley’s Collie, the Northern Lights and Mr. Nice.

Serius Seeds was founded by a biologist who worked at Sensi Seeds who after collecting various seeds on his travels in Africa decided to start her own business in 1995. His best varieties are the AK-47, the Bubble Gum, the Kali Mist and the White Rissia .

Greehouse Seed Company is the bank that has designed some of the most famous varieties and award winners like White Widow, one of the plants with the highest amount of resin that has led to the creation of other varieties, such as Child, White Rhino, and Great White Shark.

Attempts organized by decriminalize marijuana

The First Manifesto to End Prohibition comes to light in 1965. Allen Ginsberg that many of its pages were written under the influence of marijuana. The document defends individual freedom to consume or not psychoactive substances, narcotics proposes that legislation be reviewed and attacks Harry J. Anslinger harshly, calling it “dangerous fraud” and blaming him “for untold death and suffering” arising from their “detestable personal interests”. It also ensures that most of the best poets, painters, musicians, filmmakers, sculptors, actors, singers and publishers from the United States and Britain have smoked marijuana for years: “I have put pacheco [high] with a dozen authors included in the Anthology of New American Poetry 1945-1960 Don Allen; and in subsequent years I have sat down to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes marijuana with not a few of the academic poets of the rival Hall-Pack-Simpson anthology. “Finally, Ginsberg wonders what will happen” When the citizens of this country realize that this decadent, manipulative, blindly accepted and reactionary platitude police, the press and the law on the ‘threat of porrro’ [reefer menace] is really a despicable trick, a scarecrow, a national hallucination issued by the perverted brain of one man (perhaps) as Anslinger … “(18)

The answer is not long in coming. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) Your short-term goals is founded in 1970. are to ensure that the law allows doctors to prescribe marijuana legally to those who suffer from glaucoma, AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and cudroplejia paraplegia. A long-term attempt to end the ban: “We believe that smoking marijuana in private should be legal for adults.” Among its members are prominent researchers and scientists as Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1993 and Dryan Ann, wife and collaborator of Dr. Carl Sagan.

This organization has assembled an impressive list of agencies that support at least decriminalization of grass. These include the American Medical Association, the American Bar Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the National Commission on Criminal Justice and the American Civil Liberties Association. (3. 4)

In Spain there is already a movement of antiprohibitionist associations and dedicated to the study of marijuana that are grouped in the State Coordinating Committee for the Standardization of Cannabis. The main ones are the Ramon Santos Association for Cannabis Studies (ARSEC) the Society of Basque Studies Hemp (Kalamudia) and the Madrid Association for Cannabis Studies (AMEC).

The ARSEC and its strategy to legalize cannabis in Spain

Ramon Santos Association for Cannabis Studies, not only practice passive resistance but has published the Manual for subsistence farming, which is a compendium of wisdom and recommendations of their leaders.

This partnership has also been a pioneer in organizing and putting in place a strategy for dialogue with the judiciary in the State Spanish.

Felipe explains Borrallo in the interview I did:

When we saw that the institutional response was negative, the parties passed us, we thought that the path was to change the law, could be the courts. And we decided to engage in a dialogue with the institutions of justice. The downside is that only dialogue with sentences here. Then we had to commit an alleged crime to access a trial. With the idea that once tried, if we went wrong, we could appeal to a higher court, then the Supreme and the Constitutional then. And the Constitution would have the final word on whether what they do with us fits right and what the Constitution says or not. Total that lawyers advise us how to make this case for trial. And it turned out that a plantation. We got a lot in a village next to Tarragona and planted four marijuana plants. When months passed, at the end of July, and the police intervened, they uprooted plants and came to meet with judge’s order, accused of acts of illicit cultivation. But we were treated very well.Our attorneys start working, one is Professor of Criminal Law and the other is also Professor of Criminal Law and were responsible for the whole thing. As it was a matter of dogas, you go to a special court, you have no right to justice, the Constitution says, but a special court judge you for being drug issues, as if they were crimes of terrorism or laundering offenses capital of organized mafias. It is called the National Court. We tried in this first instance in Tarragona, and acquit us. Effectively it gives us the reason that we had not committed any crime since all those plants were for 96 individuals who had signed a paper saying we had planted four, equivalent to four-odd plants per head, which it was clear that it was not to traffic but to consume. And as in Spain is not a crime or collective consumption and individual consumption, they could not do anything to us. Unless the prosecutor to prove, with evidence, that those plants would move to third by donation or sale ….

Then the first sentence is, ‘You’re right, no crime, can, whenever for personal consumption.’ The prosecutor lot rebounded and was he who appealed to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court judge us again, and we condemns acts of illicit cultivation in degree of abstraction, abstract danger. Then even judges were friends as our lawyers: stupefied. Because this is not like the Anglo-Saxon system that each case is a precedent for subsequent cases. Not here. Here the law makes parliament and cases do not create history with the law. Unless there are two statements in the same case and whether the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court itself creates jurisprudence. So first you have to access the Supreme and then there are two sentences make for your case. And then it is said that the doctrine of the Court is x. In this case the doctrine is that consumption, as it was not a crime, it had to be pursued and that if a culture is intended for an activity that is not a crime, as was consumption, because neither the cultivation is a crime … But then the Supreme Court takes this abstract danger and condemns us. But not all, only four have been removed from the list of 96 to judge …

Then we ask for protection before the Constitutional Court and the Constitutional also ruled against us. He said the doctrine that the supreme was in line with the law, we had to be content and that the sentence was firm … Then we also were happy and call upon the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, saying that we had misjudged because they violated our fundamental in judging 4 96 rights, then we have not exercised our right to appeal, because when we judge the Supreme, who is the prosecutor has appealed. Then the right to appeal it could not exercise because we were judged yes twice, but without recourse because as we send a special court instead of the judge, we already lost the first trial, the Court acquits us, condemn us the Supreme , recourse to the Constitutional and we can not use more, so we can not exercise our right to a second appeal … and now in Strasbourg are to say if they accept our case admissible or not. They have asked for more information on three points to our lawyers and the government. Because now our case in Strasbourg is called ‘The four convicted of Ramon Santos Association against the Government of the Kingdom of Spain’.

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With one of the points is valid and would be enough to try the case again. The first is the delay in time because it took all this whopping five years, from 1993 to 1998; to that in Brussels it is called violations of the right to swift justice. Second, if all the requests of the prosecutor the judge said yes and all the defense said no, that is what happened, that’s what is called violate the right to equality of arms.And the other, that trying and convicting four plus those four which never can show that we make acts of cultivation, because one I was, who was the president and never went to the field because no cultivation; the other was the lawyer who does not cultivate and never went to the field, the third was the secretary who does not cultivate and never went to the field; and the fourth was a biologist who is the only one that was, but the fact is that three of us never went to the field to do acts of illicit cultivation, and the other 92 who do commit acts of cultivation, are not even prosecuted. Then it has violated the principle of fairness with this. And in Strasbourg, with one of these three, it would again review the complete cause, a judgment of how we would be judged. And if it is found that it infringed one of our fundamental rights, nullify the judgment and annul the sentence. (Go to the full interview)

This interview took place at the end of 99, and one year after the European Court ruled in the Kingdom of Spain ruling against the ARSEC.

High Times magazine and Hemp

When marijuana expands between the hippie movement during the decade of the seventies, in the United States several publications and advocacy oriented consumption of this and other drugs appreciated by the countercultural circles organisms arise. Among the first highlights the magazine High Times (24) dedicated to promoting not only consumption but the cultivation of marijuana. It provides information on black market fluctuations on the varieties and mixtures thereof, on the best seed banks, apparatus for mounting clandestine greenhouses, etc. Even organizes annual competitions to reward the owners of the best plants.

Hemp, “the magazine Cannabis Culture” is the counterpart of the High Times in Spanish. Founded in 1997, the magazine began as a bimonthly. According to its founder Gaspar Fraga recounts in the interview I did: “In the first issue all contributions were voluntary. The cover design we imagine the editor and me. It is based on ‘Man’ of Leonardo Da Vinci, but with a marijuana leaf scanned. There we said we already have voice and called out of the shadow, closet, etc. all marimberos or Pachecos, the stoners. ”

After a year, they were in need of editing each month and currently has a large circulation and a large portfolio of advertisers because thanks to it has established is a separate market in respect of hemp, which includes a series of grow- shops, textile shops, paraphernalia, specialized libraries, seed banks, etc .. This was a market that was ready to explode, according to Gaspar, a market that has been favored “with the magazine by sharing information with readers and bidders stores … “(Go to the full interview)

To celebrate the 2000 enters Hemp took an excellent special edition with firms such as Antonio Escohotado, Jonathan Ott, Alex Shulguin, Albert Hofmann, Joseph Maria Fericgla, Oriol Romaní, Jean-Pierre Galard, etc.

Myths Diego Rivera

Although several researchers like Richard Heffern say “hemp was introduced in Mexico shortly after the arrival of the Spanish in the sixteenth century … [and therefore] any ritual use can not be older than about 400 years,” (21 ) Diego Rivera was convinced that marijuana was originally from Mexico and its use was common among the prehispanic Indians.

David Alfaro Siqueiros narrates in his memoirs the time that Rivera proposed to the Union of Painters, Sculptors and Engravers Revolutionaries Mexico that the agreement officially voted smoking marijuana. Even though the grass was illegal since the Mexican government signed international agreements of 1925, there was no discussion between artists:

“Positively excited and with an eye on the glorious future that looked ahead of us, we approve marijuana smoking and to reach the sublimity of the plastics age pregachupina Mexico.” (4)

Rivera then proposed calling a “professor of marijuana” so instructed. According tells Luis Astorga in the century of drugs:

In his first lesson, the teacher Chema explained that so far, the only positively transcendent and universal that Mexico had given the world was marijuana … Fermín Revueltas excited interrupted the teacher and said:

I propose that we send a protest to the President of the Republic and all the authorities involved in issues corresponding order, having been considered that the use of marijuana is a crime. And demanding, while that by decree the use of marijuana as healthy for the brain capacity men of our country established. He continued in that same document stating that the prohibition of marijuana dictated by the conquistadors and later reaffirmed by the viceroys, was intended precisely to provoke the decline of the American people so that they can subjugate better “… with some additions “strongest” immediately given the task of drafting the respective telegrams and send copies to every newspaper in the DF (4)

A mariguanada Rius

Although marijuana production in the United States only enough to cover 25% of domestic needs, you get well above those of the entire grain harvest benefits board. The deficit is covered with 40% of Colombian product, 25% of Mexican and the remaining 10% from other countries. Production, consumption and trafficking of marijuana have been common activities throughout Mexican history of this century, the proof are as popular songs like the cockroach and the red band wagon. In fact, as the researcher says Luis Astorga, the latter run “marks the beginning of an unprecedented historical and musical version that creates and recreates the sociodisea drug trafficking and traffickers.” (4)

In a special issue of the Mexican magazine devoted to marijuana chamuco “our best productive plant,” the cartoonist Rius asks:

Why the DEA requires Mexico to pursue speck producers and does the same in E. States? … The free culture, with official control, guarantee prices, etc. Speck benefit especially the indigenous peasant which is today the most fucked up … and huge profits could be used without asking for money prestado- walk to seriously develop the country … Yes, I know what they will say it is a mariguanada Rius … (36)

Mariguanada or not, we must consider that while US producers have developed as potent varieties such as “sinse” call, thanks to climatic and geographical conditions in Mexico would be perfectly feasible that our country became the first producer and exporter hemp world. Mexican on the quality of product we have many testimonies. Antonio Escohotado account for example that two decades after he had been smoking almost daily some hemp, in 1986 gave him some marijuana from Sinaloa “of such power that within a few days-in a clear act of cowardice ended up throwing the rest; I should have been ready for a few puffs for a cigarette as peyote or LSD experience, and time and again it seemed absurd, but again and again unawares cogieran great psychic excursions. The thing was even odder considering that during that same trip to Mexico tried marihuanas considered excellent, with all justice, without even touching the thresholds that other trasponía using minimal amounts. “His extensive knowledge in the field force you to specify that “it is not only power but of tonality, because between the Thai product and Guinea, for example, there are gaps that are not equal drinking white Rhine and oloroso sherry, sake from Japan and pisco of Peru.” (15 ).

For now, Colombia is leading both fame and worldwide sales. The varieties grown in Sierra Nevada are the most appreciated: Gold Santa Marta, Blonde Sky Blue, Red Dot, etc. They have a light tan color, instantly distinguishable from the darker green that occur in Mexico and the United States. The general rule is that as paler color is gold, the stronger the “marimba”, as they say Colombians. The paler grows in the lower limit of the optimum height, about 500 m above sea level, where the sun burns more as a lower altitude, moisture weakens the essential resins plant. The legendary Red Panama, considered the strongest of all, is the same variety as the Colombian Red Point, named for the red spots that have the golden buds.

The Rastafarians ganja

The island of Jamaica has historical characteristics that differentiate it from the rest of the Caribbean. As in Haiti, the immigration of blacks from Africa was majority so the cultural and religious conditions quite different from those inculcated in the rest of America during the colonial era.

In Jamaica it emerged a strong nationalism identified with African roots that led to the culture of Rastafarians or Rastas and gave rise to a religion founded by Marcus Garvey in the 1930s For them ganja, name given to cannabis, has a sacramental connotation. The members of this religion accept some parts of the Bible, especially the identify of cannabis with grass to the biblical Psalm 104 relates: 14, “He created the grass for cattle, and herb for the service of man . “(28) they also believe that the Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie was a living god and represented” the Jesus of the black race “; and that Ethiopia is the original place where people of the black race and a final return to this African country comes is something like nirvana. (fifty)

The ritual consumption of ganja or kaya has been the determining factor for the Rasta religion and their views and customs, have been slighted so far by historians, sociologists and anthropologists Western factor.

Rastafarians claim that by ganja feel in communion with nature as it helps them to increase their spiritual awareness. It is also used as medicine and food as they cook it in a way similar to spinach and is often given to children as soup or tea.

The “pharmacological chauvinism” of cannabinófilos by Jonathan Ott

Jonathan Ott, the famous pharmacologist author of classic books in the field of psychoactive substances such as Pharmacoteon, has created the term “pharmacological chauvinism” to referrirse the “prejudices regarding drugs,” that is, “praise the drug preferably one, to the detriment of the drugs of choice others who frequently come to be stigmatized ”

Examples are the cannabinófilos who despise heroin or cocaine and, of course, its adherents. So they recite his mantra ad nauseam, whereby hemp lacks addictive powers, when known by anyone with open eyes, which is so strongly habituador as any drug. Yes it lacks a marked withdrawal, which for a decade is no longer distinctive “addiction” -the cocaine and amphetamines are considered rightly among the most “addictive” substances (ie habituadoras), and also adamantly lack a physical withdrawal symptoms, which is no more than a secondary consequence of all habituation, and one that pales in comparison to psychological factors, which are the engines of habituation. (41)

The effects of marijuana on the human energy field

Barbara Ann Brennan doctorate in atmospheric physics and worked as a researcher at NASA. During the last fifteen years has been studying the human energy field and practicing bioenergetic therapy. She is the author of two books, Healing Hands and Grow light, which have become both pillars of the new medicine and literature New Age.

Barbara has begun to scientifically prove the existence of what the ancient mystics and esoteric texts called the human aura, same as she calls the Human Energy Field (CEH). As a researcher I started used various devices to detect and measure and later developed his own sensory perception to achieve view this field and distinguish its various layers (in fact ensures that anyone who proposes can do through exercises as she suggests in his first book ).

Thanks to their observations, which incidentally coincide with those of other people who can see the aura, has discovered that ideas and emotions associated with those ideas have certain specific configurations in the energy field of the human being.

As he explains, the psychological and emotional problems manifest themselves in the CEH as dark blocks or auric configurations of various shady tones associated with the kind of emotions that are in conflict, and whose origin is in the negative ideas to keep one person at a time dice. If these settings percisten in the CEH unresolved sooner or later cause a manifestation in the physical body of the person leading auna disease.

Similarly, Barbara has been observed with high sensory perception (EPS) that the use of drugs causes significant changes in the CEH.

In the case of the psychoactive, observations of Barbara confirm what I hold in my presentation and conclusions of drugs just like that … that its use can help or harm people depending on who, how, when and under what circumstances use them. According to this researcher has positive proof, people who have certain aural benefit on certain specific drugs can affect positively mobilizing energy and helping to undo the locks configurations.

However it notes that the vast majority of the time the only psychoactive “dirty” the CEH and contribute to hinder the resolution of personal problems users adding more confusion to his already sick energy fields. Barbara says in particular:

Drugs such as LSD, marijuana, cocaine and alcohol are harmful to bright and healthy aura colors and create a “mucus ethereal”, as with the disease …

[This figure] shows a man who for years had used drugs such as LSD and marijuana, resulting dirty green aura. The deterioration implied by these experiences shown in the upper right side. It seems as if it had weight, because it used to tilt the head at an angle that seemed to balance form. This was always kept in the same position, week after week … To remove this way, would have to quit drugs and clear the field … I recommended that, in addition to the body work done fast and do a cleansing diet. So you could increase your energy field force and break into that accumulated to dissipate deterioration. (43)

Barbara postulates that the origin of all disease stems from the belief that each of us is a separate entity from the other and separated from God. He says that this belief is experienced as fear, which arise all the other negative emotions. And once we have given rise to these negative emotions, we separated from them by encapsulating them in energy blocks and negative auric configurations:

This separation process is perpetuated by creating more pain and hope, until the negative feedback loop is broken or reversed through a process of personal work … The key to breaking this vicious circle lies in love and connection to all that exists … love is the experience of being connected to God and everything else … When we are connected, we feel and are totally safe and free. (44)

In his two books (43 and 44) ​​Barbara Brennan provides effective to reverse the vicious cycle of negative beliefs and to achieve reconnection with the divine emotions solutions. I highly recommend reading not only to those who are ill or have a problem of addiction, but those who have an interest in issues of science and spirituality.

The effects of marijuana on the etheric field

Maguy Lebrun and Daniel are a French couple who have built an impressive movement for collective prayer to help heal the souls and bodies of different people who come to them for comfort and healing.

Daniel has developed extrasensory abilities that allow you to get in touch with what both called “doctors from heaven,” entities that inhabit other dimensions and are dedicated to helping humanity.

These entities, some of which have practiced medicine when they were embodied in the third dimension of the Earth, which is what we live, constantly warn friends and students of Lebrum to use psychoactive as alcohol, snuff and marijuana, they cause considerable damage, not only in the physical body, but in the subtle bodies that make up the human aura.

also ensure that from the broader perspective they have about the dimensions, are able to observe that entities called “astral low” are attracted to the energy fields of humans who use such drugs and “stick” to them, helping to further lower its vibrational cup and leading to recurrent situations depressive, anxiety, fear and even violence. (47)

To ward off such scourges of the etheric body recommend suspending substance (under medical supervision in the case of alcohol), change of environment, conduct a thorough detoxification and pray for guidance and protection to the higher forces or divine in which the person you trust.

Lobsang Rampa, another author who writes about metaphysical subjects, explains existence of different dimensional planes that coexist with ours and ensures that on the astral plane there is still duality and effectively live positive and negative entities and that the latter are attracted to people and environments in which drugs are consumed in excess. In fact DTs ensures that alcoholics are not hallucinations, they are visions of the lower planes of the astral low.

In the book You and eternity (48) just talks about astral travel and recommends what to do if you encounter any astral entity he calls “elemental spirits”:

They are spirits in the early stages of evolution. correspond broadly to the position occupied by monkeys in the human world. The monkeys are irresponsible and mischievous, are spiteful and vicious, and have no great power of its own reasoning … Elementals, they occupy in the astral world the same place as the monkeys in the human world, are forms that move without purpose, shout and do horrible grimaces, threatening movements, the human who travels the astral, but they can not cause harm. If you had the misfortune to go to a mental hospital, and actually seen severe cases, one has been touched at the way some behave worse cases making threatening gestures and foolish. Drool, they wave their arms, shake … but if done face them decisively, as they have a low mentality, always receding.

When one moves through the lower astral planes, you can find some of these strange creatures. Sometimes, if the traveler is shy, these creatures around you and try to frighten him. But no danger is not running: harmless, really, unless you are afraid. When you start astral travel, often you see two or three of these lower entities are coming to see as it travels in the same way that certain people like to look like an inexperienced driver driving a car for the first time. The spectators always expect something to happen or bloody exciting, and sometimes, if a driver is confused and crashes into a lamppost, for example, causes a great pleasure to viewers. These, as such, are harmless; are nothing more than sensationalist trying to have a cheap thrill. Similarly, the elemental want to have cheap thrills. They like to see the grief of humans; pro Therefore, if fear is demonstrated, these elementary will love, will gesticulating and threatening. Actually they can not do anda humans; They are not even like dogs barking also can bite; They are like dogs that bark but not bite, and the barking dog does not hurt. In addition they can only disturb while, for fear, they are allowed. Fear not, can not happen to them nothing … Soar on the astral plane and ninety or ninety-nine out of a hundred will not see these lower entities. Only you will see if you are afraid of them. Normally you will pass over his kingdom; They are grouped in the bottom of the astral plane, just as the worms are grouped at the bottom of a cave. (48)

Marijuana, a sacred plant that has lost its spirit profaned

There is a community called Takiwasi in Tarapoto, Peru, which has surprised the world by its unconventional cure addiction with the help of ayahuasca approach. In the Amazon jungle works a unique team of academic psychologists and shamans who teach the “addicted” to value the sacred dimension of power plants and regain respect for nature and his own body. This center has attracted the attention of many people for being alive and functional example of the synthesis of modern medicine with traditional medicine.

Jaques Mabit, a doctor of French origin and José Campos, a shaman in the area, are the initiators of Takiwasi. When talking about marijuana as a power plant and dependence on it, the first of them think:

I think there are substances that no one can deny that they are addictive and harmful, but it is not only the substance but the behavior before the substance.The widespread use of marijuana in the classic Western context is extremely negative and gives an experience intellectual, with little chance of materializing the ideas you might have. Marijuana is a sacred plant, in fact it is a healing plant, but with the condition that their energy is respected, their essence. That is why we must know the ritual, you can not improvise, it is a technology of the sacred. For example, marijuana should be taken basically tea after a teaching and being guided by a teacher who knows the process. In the West it is so desecrated do not know to what extent has lost its spirit. That is why we dismiss it altogether. I am struck by the number of people who are sincere spiritual quest and ends up eating only seminars, courses, books and marijuana. I see a great danger in this tendency to escape reality, not to grab her, not to accept … (42)

Shamanic of Mexico Essences: Flower speck

Using the vibrational frequencies of various ancestral power plants they use in their practices Mexican shamans, Dr. Luis Solana and Sentíes developed something that could be described as a combination of homeopathic remedies and flower essences (Bach). Essences called Shamanic of Mexico.

It is 1 September 21 droppers containing vials with water which will have moved the vibrational frequencies of various power plants. Each water molecule has a positive pole and a negative pole, thus acts as a small magnet, adhering to its neighboring molecules to form clusters, or groups of several hundred molecules.These clusters are very delicate and sensitive to vibrational influences structures, which can store certain information, some cutting-edge scientists.

The human being is constituted almost 80% water and it is assumed that this water contains information about events that have happened to us since the time of our conception to the present time, in addition to information events happened to any of our ancestors and they have been passing on our genetic lineage.

The ability of water to be affected by vibration is closely related to the therapeutic activity of homeopathic remedies, flower essences or elixirs and several other alternative therapies. It is assumed that homeopathy and flower remedies act because of this ability of water stored in its memory, vibrational frequencies that finding a new Hidroambiente share this information. The hypothesis is that this information resonates vibrationally with the pre-contained by the body fluid target and therefore playing a dependent phenomenon physical law stating that “if two energy forces equal frequency and potential joins precedence information the other, the result is the cancellation of both “so if oppose a beam of light to another identical, the result is dark or if it were sound waves, the result would silence.

In the case of Mexico Shamanic Essences containing information helps cancel or unconscious memories trasnpersonales personal traumas (ie belonging to our ancestors or ourselves but before birth). Several therapists who have worked with them, as Dr. Eduardo Grecco, say:

The Shamanic remedies that gives us Dr. Solana have shown in clinical work to achieve significant efficacy very archaic levels of ancestral patterns that bind us to the past and condemn us to be prisoners of circuits repetition of behavior. In this way I have seen in my personal therapeutic practice, and that of many of my supervised students, these remedies help significantly, not only to pain relief, but the transformation that put us on the path of healing. (51)

The set contains 21 essences of Cannabis, flower speck, which Dr. Solana has noted that serves the following purposes:

FS3. Flor de Mota:

In Karmic: The Shadow own past lives with eventual memory of infant abuse or incest, sometimes just psyched.
In transfamiliar: Presence of male ancestors, destroyers, despots, tyrants and sadists.
In Pre-staff: Disorders and bad habits during pregnancy. Patients with a great fear of abandonment. It helps to get serenity, inner peace, developing intuition, increases sensitivity and sensuousness. Vivenciadas working relationships as prohibited.
It allows you to enjoy pleasurable experiences and break taboos. Eliminates toxic physical and emotional (traumatic memories). It has a very interesting effect on nostalgia and longing.
Prepare to contact shadow and collective fulfillment. Fading fears of archaic prohibitions. It increases concentration and intellectual clarity. (51)

The latest medical reports about marijuana

Leslie L. Iversen is a current English researcher author of Marijuana, scientific knowledge (50) in which he explains in accessible terms the advances made in the field of cannabis research since the discovery of the specific receptor sites in which this psychoactive acts and existence in the brain similar to cannabinoids natural substances.

In this work also it provides an assessment of your current medical utility (a summary of which can check the section on therapeutic uses); then assess its use for recreational purposes and how it affects consumers habit; and finally it offers some predictions regarding attitudes to be adopted in the future in relation to this psychoactive.

Iversen input warns that cannabis use for recreational purposes has become the most widely used illicit drug in the West, ranking third in the list of recreational drug after alcohol and snuff. According says, “because different studies could reveal that in many Western countries, up to a third of the population between fifteen and fifty years report having used cannabis ever.” (fifty)

From their point of view, dependence is the most frequent cannabis and most underrated risk among consumers:

According to Wayne Hall and Nadia Solowij, renowned experts in the field of addiction research, ‘Around 10% of those who ever have tried, and between half and a third of those who use dirariamente they end up losing control over this drug and will continue using it to address the problems caused by their use or exacervados’. […] The Institute of Medicine report from 1999 said that 9% of those who had ever tried cannabis became dependent, a figure that contrasts with the risks of dependence generated by the snuff (32%), heroin (23%), cocaine (17%) and alcohol (15%) (50)

Iversen uses classification Scottish anthropologist Neil Montgomery who divided cannabis for recreational use into three categories:

Sporadic: irregular consumption of up to 1 g of resin per session, with an annual total not to exceed 28 g.

Common: frequent consumption, usually about 3-4 puffs of a joint or pipe a day, equivalent to about 14 g of cannabis resin per month.

“Heavy” represents only 5% of total consumer approximate auqnue are more or less “colocados2 or” hung “on a permanent basis; take over 3.5 g of resin per day, that is, around 28 g or more about a week. (fifty)

On the issue of recreational use, the same Iversen concludes and preveé that:

Cannabis involves few health risks especially smoked marijuana, although it has been shown that the first reports about the dangers of this drug had been exaggerated. There is a real risk of cannabis dependence, and for some it can dominate their lives and exert a very negative impact; however, for others, for better or worse, it is a harmless exhaust valve weekend.

So far it has been an activity practiced by persons under 30 years, although the pattern may change as cannabis is increasingly accepted as part of our culture. It has progressively greater acceptance and often in many parts consumed as an alternative to alcohol. (fifty)

Complementing this research published in Spanish in 2001, they are three of the most recent studies published in November 2002 in the British Medical Journal, whose editorial says that “it is unclear whether the hashish diseases makes it appear as chronic schizophrenia or depression and the fires in presonas prone “, as the increase in consumption in recent years” have not been raised psychiatric illnesses because the effect is long-term. ” (49)

In the first study, Australian researchers followed over six years to 1,590 teenagers and found that statistically:

Those who smoked cannabis daily were more likely to become depressed than those who did only once a week or not smoke. The ratio is higher in women: those who drank daily had a predisposition five times to suffer from depression or anxiety than those who did not smoke. For those who smoked once a week, the risk was double that for nonsmokers. (49)

In the second study, a group of Swedish researchers analyzed 50.087 people in the sixties were between 18 and 20 years. The researchers “found that among those who smoked then had 30% more cases of schizophrenia than among those who did not smoke.” This quipo also corroborates the predisposition to depression.

The study tercercer applied by a British team to 1,047 twentysomethings in New Zealand, statistically proved that “one of ten people who consume cannabis has a high risk of schizophrenia.” (49)

The effects of marijuana on the chakra system

Donna Cunningham was working as a therapist specializing addiction when he came into contact with Andrew Ramer, a healer and channeler with whom he collaborated to write two books several years: The spiritual dimensions of healing addictions (45) and Further dimensions of healing addictions (46).

In the first book they argue that generally humans fall into addiction when we lose sight or not we want to make our “vision” or “our ability to perceive and participate in the broader reality, retaining a memory, albeit weak, of our Higher Self and the tasks and purposes of our life “(45).

In the second book explains clearly how formerly used different psychoactive, which they call “power tools” to recover and support our vision; and how is that by losing that knowledge, now we abuse these same tools and we destroy them instead of using them to our advantage.

Further dimensions of healing in addictions, among many other interesting things, tell us what effects have the main addictive about the human energy field, specifically on the system of chakras substances are.

In the case of marijuana, Danna and Andrew say that once this plant played a crucial role between the cultures of Asia and Eastern Middle as it was used as a power tool to make changes to the first chakra and integrate and build bridges between various chakras, which is what makes marijuana in their first uses, but repeated use ends causing the opposite effect, mainly obstructing the first and fifth chakras and chakras affecting the thymus and brow.

When you smoke marijuana, it seems to be taking effect on your third eye, but is also doing things in your root chakra. In a sense, these two chakras are the two worlds that communicates marijuana, root as the world of waking consciousness and the third eye as dream consciousness and other worlds. What we have in common with the animal kingdom is our root chakras are strongly connected with the planet. A change in the energy of the root chakra is the first step to move away from rootedness to this reality and this world. Speck acts as a refaseador of energíad the root chakra. Why it is that marijuana has a special appeal to those who do not have strong roots and alienated, they crave instinctively make a change in the status of your first chakra. However, by abusing marijuana, become more and more difficult the task of establishing new roots.

It is no accident that marijuana became popular again during the sixties, when all youth felt away from the roots of the past, their family and their culture.Something in the collective unconscious knew that marijuana had something to do with that change in the flow of the energy of the first chakra. People who tasted it felt, even subliminally, energy moving in that center. The irony is that the energy change was made OUTWARD, rather than inward to generate new and better roots; resulting in increased alienation result. Not all the smoke, but a large percentage tasted only once or twice, and that exposure was enough for all our roots change. Yes, we need to draw our planet roots out of the world, but it happened too early, and there has been much unhappiness as a result. Marijuana has the ability to awaken and expand the vision and senses the third eye, but vision without roots has no use to anyone still alive in a body […]

Marijuana is closely related to young adults today because on some level we remember that at that age were supposed to already have our roots-family, home, occupation, all established-but in this world more complex, young adults often they are still in college or graduate school or being some kind of learners. So are attracted to this tool changes in the first chakra as an expression of their fragmentation and frustration because they need rooting is not taking place. […] It is very important to clean the root chakra and then energetizarlo to abandon marijuana addiction […] You can nourish the root chakra visualizing yourself in action extracting green or amber color of the earth to bring to root chakra through the coccyx. Sit on the floor to do it, or better yet, on earth. Declares that this is your home, you accept this as your home.

The physical body parts most affected by smoking marijuana are the throat and lungs, and there is an easy secondary pollution of body energy in the throat area.With heavy use of marijuana there is always a residue in the center of the grarganta, insomuch that comes to be something close to a paralysis of power there. On the physical level, yes, there may be diseases or throat irritation, but that is nothing compared to the damage to the body’s energy. Often you are afraid to speak; fear of channeling vision. Some addicted to marijuana have past life experiences in which they were beheaded or hanged by talking, especially about their beliefs that were considered heretical at the time.

Just below the throat center is the center of the thymus, which is the next to be affected if the use continues. Professionals in the field of addiction have spoken of addiction to marijuana to cause a “syndrome amotivational”. Although few of these preofesionales recognize the chakras, they do perceive the effects in the thymus, as amotivational means in plain language that the individual has less and less willing to do anything. Be sure to repair and clean these two centers, throat and thymus, not to fall again, subtly addiction. Or, even if not recaes, if the damage continues irreparado, the energy is blocked and nothing is completed. (46).

Among the various causes that Donna and Andrew allude as determining factors for falling into abuse of marijuana, also ensure that at an unconscious level:

Marijuana is used by people who have difficulty in through the door between the world of dreams and waking life. People who are afraid of one or the other or the flow of a world on the other, instinctively turn to marijuana for therapeutic ability to open this door. If you’re afraid of dreamland, smoking marijuana helps you redirect to the waking world. If you’re afraid of waking world if you like being asleep all the time marihuana helps you with balance. Often, for example, people who are beginning to receive psychic information or teaching in his dreams but is afraid to bring her to his waking consciousness, look for this drug.

The danger of marijuana comes from strength. By limited use, you can open the door between the two worlds and learn to move between them freely. Speck Repeated use makes you spin like a top in the door, so you can not completely enter any of the two sites. […] When the distinction between the two worlds becomes blurred, the mind needs to create a new duality. Typically this is a second consegue addiction, which may be the snuff, alcohol, hard drugs or sugar. Another way to create the necessary duality is entering a massive illusion like living in a fantasy world or live in deep anxiety or despair.

Finally, instead of moving between the dream world and the waking world, you tight confusion between a gray and pink fantasy. Lose your roots with the waking world, you come and go, you see countless things, but do not move. The conscious work with your dreams and you need to make them a reality in the waking world and use them, you can help a lot […] (46)

To quit an addiction authors recommend asist to psychological therapies, whether personal or group, and undergo a physical detoxification treatment under medical supervision, if this is necessary. Also they consider essential practice alternative techniques to reverse the damage caused by the abuse of various substances in the human energy field.

For the latter we offer in his second book an excellent series of visualization exercises and specific remedies aromatherapy and gem therapy to repair the damage caused by each of the different substances. Additionally, certain diagrams are included Andrew channeled to reprogram biocomputers are our brains.

According to say: “habits, such as addictions are printed within our brain circuits in the same way a computer circuits are programmed. To stop a habit, you need to be erased and reprogrammed the circuit “(46), and for that are the different diagrams channeled for each type of drug.

Diagram to transform the habit of marijuana

These diagrams must look up and down or drawn 25 consecutive times in three sessions per day. It is also recommended to watch them when they desire to be tempted to use the drug in question sit again. (See more about addiction)

My personal experience

My relationship with marijuana did not begin with a crush, nor was love at first puff, or anything like that, but stuck me severely with her and came to adore her so much that I made a mega tantrum when I was forced to leave …

Actually the first times almost felt nothing and when he finally did me effect, the freaked out because I just accentuated a slight colic which had at that time and did everything to make it down to me. But at that time I was in an environment (the school of writers SOGEM) where all my friends praised their effects, so I persevered and continued smoking until little by little I accustomed.

I remember the first time that “he found the joke” and began to worship Paola was when my friend told me a passage from The Lord of the Rings, just one on the Ents and the differences between their time and ours. As one of the most outstanding characteristics of marijuana are its effects on the perception of time (which at that time did not know), entered for the first time at the level of dilation of the temporal coordinates and was absolutely convinced that thanks to Speck had entered the time of the ents and therefore placed this blessed plant on the altar of “dimensional key”.

I also remember dearly a very specific time a vision I had under the influence of marijuana saved my life … And a memorable May 15 that three of my best friends, Frida, Penelope, Claudia and I called since “The Day Revisiting the Faith “.That night after smoking pot discovered that there are no coincidences and that we could regain the love and illusion. Shortly after Celestite profesía read [The Celestine Prophecy] James Ratfield and we were happy that our “dimensional key” have led us to the first revelation.

I am still convinced that both salvation and the reunion would not have taken place without the collaboration of marijuana. So in my first experiences, he acted as a real remedy. However, wanting to retain this quality over time where I was lost. I never saw the dividing line between use and abuse. The only thing percataba me was that when smoked daily or very often, changes in my state of consciousness were not as marked and even spectacular as I liked them to be.That is, at least in the beginning, my user category was that of “sporadic” according to the divisions of Montgomery presented above, so I felt safe from any addiction and in full control of my relationship with marijuana .

It did not have the cumulative effects on the subtle anatomy of this “grass traps” (Nahuatl etymology of Malli-huana), as he was our wise ancestors Valley of Mexico to describe when appointed.

It was both my love for her that even though under its effects suffered the worst malviaje of my life, after more than a year without smoking, I forgave considering we were on hand, because as had once saved my life, I could be the luxury of paid on my worst experience taking me for several days travel through the void or valley of death … Besides this malviaje ended my political career and allowed me to get to a fund from which could make the most dramatic change in my life ;change that in the end turned out for good (see about …). So I saw it as an effective teacher, but nothing compassionate, and ended up making peace with her and went to smoke it without fear or any resentment.

Shortly after I visited Amsterdam for the first time, and for the first time, tried hashish. And of course, I loved it!

I cherish the unforgettable flash of going out of a shop coffe on the top floor of a squatter at four in the morning after having tasted an excellent hashish, get on my rented bike building, and go crying with happiness as my friends Frida and Jeanet they went before me in his, through a wooded park, enjoying the ride, exercise, life and drizzle in the safest and libertarian city on the planet.

That was my first trip to Amsterdam. Absolute happiness. The degree of mourn with joy because in that land could go three girls walking at four in the morning without any danger, knowing that they had not committed any crime, had not violated any law and they were gone incredibly well …

The remainder of this first stay in Amsterdam dedicated myself to try several smart-drugs, ecstasy and all kinds of hashish and marijuana could. I think it was at this point where I crossed the line between sporadic consumer and went on to become habitual consumer covered in my role as researcher conscience and under the pretext of taking the opportunity to be where he was, thinking that and back to Mexico my previous employer would sporadically smoking.

After Amsterdam I went to Barcelona where I interviewed the director of the magazine Hemp, the president of the Ramon Santos Association for the Study of Cannabis, a student of ecology, a multiple sclerosis sufferer and multiple users and developers consumption whose enthusiasm and excellent “mary” I shared unreservedly …

Then I went to London and Oxford and could not resist the temptation to return back to Barcelona and Amsterdam.

In the second round to the capital of freedom, while continuing tasting canábicas daily varieties, I began to also interviewing my friend Jeanet, the manager of smart-shop, a waitress at a coffee-shop, a chef and an employee of the airport in Shipol.

When I finally returned to Mexico, actually I smoked less, but still not returned to the sporadic pattern but spent about two or three times a month to two or three times a week.

At that time he had already formed part of the first attempts to form in Mexico a movement for the decriminalization of marijuana first and other drugs after he had written and published some articles about it and I considered an ideal candidate to advocate the use responsible for marijuana because my work, family and love life had never been adversely affected by the use of marijuana and other psychoactive … as I …

And partly it was true. My work life was not affected for a long time did not exist.Like my love life. He worked in temporary, changing things and most of the time, unprofitable. He had no stable relationship and no longer lived with my parents and my brothers, so neither could affect these relations. That is, having nothing concrete or permanent in my life, nor was there anything that marijuana use could interrupt.

Another important factor worth mentioning is that always had the great excuse of doing field research to write, and eventually publish a book about dorgas. Which of course it was more a fantasy than a real possibility since the first draft of my course book was rejected by two Mexican publishers and frankly did not think anyone would like to publish because even at that point it was almost an encyclopedia and costs editing would be extremely high …

Finally, because of all this lack of rootedness and concrete goals after a short time back to Mexico, I chose to go and live in Barcelona with Jordi, a guy I met there.

But things did not work with him and as he thought about what to do with my life, I went to spend some time with a family of his friends who rented a farmhouse in the middle of the mountains of Tordera.

Because of the pain of breaking and other problems arising from me and chronic depression, definitely I left my spacing consumption and started smoking almost daily, with the full assurance that every time he saw more clearly my mistakes and I was entering a truly high contact tomato plants from the garden of Banijam, the father of the beloved family offered me a job and a place to live when I needed it …

Later I started a new relationship with Joan Ramon, who intended to stay away from drugs in general and marijuana in particular. Under these circumstances I enrolled for the first time intensive Vipassana meditation course that lasted ten days, during which he could not consume any psychoactive, or talk to anyone other than teachers, or leave the beautiful facilities of the ashram Dhama Neru energy located in the heart of the Catalan land.

Because the energy of the place, my detox without doubt the power of meditation, each night I had a number of very disturbing dreams, the most vivid and instructive dreams he had never had.

I will write then they have to do with marijuana, which are what confused me.

The first was as brief as intense:

Absolute panic because I know who I am, do not know where I am. Caen many roles among them see a lighted bacha [ie, the “butt” of a marijuana cigarette] and try to pick fearing burning my hands, but preferring to do so that the leaves do not burn and a fire hazard .
In the second dream about:

I’m working on my laptop and start typing alone. I panicked because I think that yes, actually my guide who has made the tricks [some mysterious things that have happened to some of my files pointing to certain keys or clues on what I esccribo] and now flat in the gall overall, she is writing me directly. It occurs to me that better first read what you are writing me and then I panicked. He says “going well”, referring to drug my book “but things are going to slow down a bit because you failed the final test” referring to marijuana; “And that and had passed , ” he says [reprove means suspend Mexican]. On the computer screen followed by a longer explanation accompanied by small images, such as slides. I am about to read it when a woman stopped me. I get angry, but as I see crying, stop anger and ask him what’s wrong. She tells me that her mom does not whitewashed walls of his room, and I say – more impatient than sympathetically not worry, I will paint them , to let me finish reading the message and then helped him.
Exactly at this point I wake up thinking ‘what a great injustice !!!, because he had not yet finished reading the explanation; then I laugh thinking it’s a ruse Rashil to seek to establish a more direct connection with it and go back to sleep. [Rashil is my spiritual guide or guardian angel. I went for the first time in conscious contact with him through a channeler named Alex Sluky. At that time I predicted several very specific things that actually happened and answered my questions demonstrating an amazing concocimiento me that no one else could have, so I was convinced of their existence and their help in my daily life.]

The next day I took off laughter. I spent my time thinking what else did wrong and what my guide is meant by that that had passed that test and now flunked. Was it when I stopped smoking it after malviaje and throughout my stay at the Center for High Awareness Tepozcahuic? Or is it related to other life? Or both things? Martin Stevens, Vipassana teacher told me to forget my dreams and concentrate on the meditation work, which obediently did as I could. However, every night before bed I asked Rashil please explain to me what was the matter, but it seems that there were other priorities and dreamed other lessons covering other topics; however one of those days I have another dream:

Jordi, a friend of Joanra, is smoking marijuana and will not give me, he is angry with me because I suffer Joanra when he saw me making out with another. I try to wrest the spliff while I say that this has nothing to do with marijuana and that he will reconcile with me as to explain that the man who kissed me was Carlos, a former boyfriend who came to say goodbye to me for always (which it had happened in the dream the day before). Then I get great distress because I think that maybe Joanra not want me to see and I will have a chance to explain.

I woke up angry thinking that I did not clarify anything and telling my guide I had never wrested a spliff anyone because he had never suffered such attacks since greed was not an addict! So I continued demanding that he explain to me in my dreams what he meant with that that “flunked the test , ” but nothing. I dreamed other important things and some vague things about it that I forgot, until one day before the end of the course, I had the following dream:
I’m watching a guy magazine Hello there my wedding pictures outlined as one of the first weddings “new age “of the Earth. I think I was hyper happy that day because one of the photos have a face full of white powder as flour and I’m laughing a lot with some girls. Then I’m in the school of my uncles wanting to buy hashish. My brother Daniel with me but suddenly I can not find it and tell his friend to help me find him ; then I see my brother John over there , and then there are other scenes where smoke mixed with snuff hashish and am very anxious and paranoid that someone might take me spliff or not cheated me by giving me less amount than I paid …

And I do not remember what else because I did not like those scenes and woke up angry thinking that I am not and protesting to my guide that case those scenes were in my subconscious, should be the result of paranoia about the dark environments purchase I had Joanra; I argued that in fact I rarely had bought marijuana much less hashish, I almost always gave away, which almost never smoked hashish, my relationship with the noble marijuana was under control, it was she who came to me and not her, he did not sleep that caricatured anxiety … and who knows what else claims made him very angry …

Synchronously that night in one of the nightly speeches Goenka we saw on video every night as an introduction to the teachings of the Buddha, he told an anecdote about smoking hashish overnight spent paddling with great insurance effort that the day would come their destination, but when the sun rose they realized that they had forgotten to untie the raft and all his efforts had been in vain …

Anyway, I was a mess at the end of the Vipassana course because, besides all could realizing that actually was the cause of all my misery because during the ten days there was absolutely no external event that could disturb and because of my erratic thoughts I Segi going from extreme happiness to extreme depression several times a day as was my habit ciclotímica at that time and to make matters worse, I saw he was about to commit a “grave error” with my research on drugs (see more about my experience with ayahuasca seventh grandmother).

As understood nothing, I decided to stop smoking marijuana and hashish to see if through the contrast between life smoking and life without smoking, I could find out what had been the failure that led me to “fail the final test” as my guide. So from that moment I never smoked again, despite leaving the course my friends welcomed me with a spliff and had to go through a time of temptation caused by the same consumer environment around me, until I finally went to live with Joanra and enter a totally adverse environment marijuana facilitated considerably me away from her.

However, the days passed and I was still depressed, finding no palpable improvement in my life, and feeling that in fact things were worse because even had and pleasant spaces of comfort, leisure and lift that allowed me my dear marijuana. He was very angry and even more confused than before. So at the end of my eighth experience with ayahuasca grandmother again I asked my guides what was wrong with smoking marijuana. I explained again that in the end marijuana was who came to me and reminded them two of my most spectacular anecdotes about:

1) When still living in Tepoztlan, I was at home with my friend Frida who came to visit after a long time no see. We both thought it would be great if we had marijuana smoking while reading our respective texts and we told the accumulated gossip, but neither had nothing. Suddenly the doorbell rang a woman who was looking for a friend of mine. As I knew she was the one who was selling marijuana, I asked him if anything had and effectively llebaba one enrome package for my friend of course we paid him immediately and proceeded to smoke with singular joy thinking that it was a real godsend , as well as it was delicious, you had never seen so much together!

2) Being the first time in Barcelona, ​​I went to do an interview to the friends of my friend Emilio, was early morning and returned to the floor of friends who harbored me, when I stopped at a park to take advantage of the last effects of hashish he had smoked with them. I started to sing and dance a song Soda Stereo with vocalist of coloring and when I finished I walked toward the floor of my friends think that since I had no sleep, would be great smoking a little hash as he finished painting the cover story of my third experience with ayuahuasca, but I remembered that I had already done. Suddenly and out of nowhere, ‘It came out a boy offering half his spliff because he told me, had already given her sleep and went to sleep !!! Which to me it was another very clear godsend with his blessing to inspire me to conclude my watercolor, which of course was great thanks to the forms hashish altreando magnanimous allowed me to discover my perception …

The fact is that after reminding these two stories and the fact that when I lived in Tepoztlan was enough to throw the seeds out there to grow dramatically, my guides laughed a lot, I was told that it was no longer a novice, thanks to the teachings of the Pleiadians and knew how things worked in the third dimension and not to make me crazy, that my experiences always confirm my beliefs and was not heaven but myself who gave me to not put the slightest obstacle either consciously or unconsciously …

I was assured it would begin to understand everything as leave my tantrum and was in a receptive attitude and sincere openness, that is, albeit slightly considering the possibility that marijuana is not always possible.

Of course let me quiet with this answer and other clues that gave me about my limited concept of happiness. In such a way that eventually had the opening necessary to receive my first negative information regarding the repeated use of marijuana: a master of Reiki told me I had the sixth obstructed chakra and recommended that I read the book Healing Hands Barbara Brennan. I knew something about the chakras, but had not delved into this exciting topic (see more about this in chakras and psychoactive). Reading this book, I began to realize that the psychoactive had cumulative effects on the subtle anatomy and could reach mess and obstruct the free flow of energy (see more about the end of my ninth experience with ayahuasca grandmother).

Shortly afterwards another friend lent me the Doctors Book of Heaven where reference was made to entities lower astral etheric body that marijuana users stick; then a partner of a course gave me another book, You and eternity of Lobsang Rampa, which confirmed this statement and offered more details about it.Then I remembered that effectively though at the time did not know what it was during my last stage living in Mexico City Frida my friend and I had some creepy encounters with these entities that we never saw but perceive. Fortunately all this process completely when I went to live in the ashram of Tepoztlan and never me again occur.

Finally, now I returned to Mexico to visit my family and to finish this web, I happened to read a book I had bought my first trip to Amsterdam and “some reason” had forgotten here: Further dimensions of healing addictions of Donna Cunningham and Andrew Ramer.

As I was reading it went accommodating many pieces of my mental puzzle. For example, I understood why he had dreamed those scenes of shady environments purchase of hashish. According to the authors, energy level, each substance is loaded with patterns of brain waves of those who have come into contact with them, so “substances that are illegal, they bring with them fear, hatred, energy exploitation of all those who are involved “(46). I think this is what they were trying to warn me in dreams of Vipassana, that in some distant place my conscience were deposited these energies …

Well, the fact is that at the end of reading understood perfectly why he had failed the test of marijuana.

First was the ideal to be attracted to this power tool because it had an aural configuration schizoid, as defined Barbara Brennan, that is, obstruction of the first chakras, substantial opening of the upper and tendency to “out of body” candidate insomuch that the spine comes to deviate (in my case the deviation is slight but obvious), which inclines to posedor of this aural setting to “non touching foot to the floor” and interested in spiritual matters, more like an escape that as a concrete way, while the lower chakras are not redressed.

Second complied with each and every one of the conditions enumerated Cunningham and Ramer:

a very weak root chakra;
any anchor or work, family or conyogual rooting, playing the role of permanent student or trainee;
trouble getting out of the dream state, because I always got angry much to wake up and should have a good time before “were here” and return to me good humor, something very typical of people with cyclothymic disorder;
I was beginning to receive psychic information and teachings in my dreams and I was afraid to bring it to my waking consciousness and put it into practice;
She had memories of at least a past life in which he had used power plants in the Andean shamanic environment, which, according to the authors predisposes people to abuse psychoactive to have a genetic memory of what other environment and in other circumstances they did for us and for our community these power tools;
and finally she was afraid to speak or channel my vision by another past life in which I was to give the accused bonfire witch, so in this life was unconsciously seeking external agents to keep closed my throat chakra and make sure this time will not burn me again to express my ideas.
The latter find out in a very curious way and has much to do with this research.During my first trip to Barcelona I sought to interview Josep Maria Fericgla.Because of time he told me to go and interview him way to Sabadell where that afternoon would give a lecture on psychoactive plants used witches. Very obedient and grateful accompanied and interviewed.

I was unusually nervous and when Fericgla began to speak and explain something (even something or because it does not even then understand Catalan) suddenly gave me a coughing so hard that I was drowning, besides interrupting ostensibly chat.

Between shame and fear of drowning estarme, I ran to find a bathroom. I tried to drink water but when I found myself in the mirror crying, I did not see me now, but about 400 years ago when crying and coughing tied. I was choking smoke Because they were burning me !!! It was fortunately a very rare and very brief sensation.

Immediately after I calmed down and the attack ended. I was sure that things happen for something and just had a vision of the past whose meaning would understand later.

I learned that day the anniversary inquisition three witches who were sentenced to death commemorated there in Sabadell, he said advertising the event.

The most curious thing is that tonight, when I told my Angelica aunt who also walked in Barcelona by that time, she and the people who were with me commented astonished that at the same time my aunt had also suffered the same attack cough but enmedio department Corte Ingles shoes! So we ended up laughing and speculating who would have been the third witch Sabadell …

actively working with my dreams and I had realized that researching and writing about drugs I love and I have no problem, but when it came to publish or talk to strangers about it, I got quite nervous … and when I played talk about it with intolerant or unbelievers, I became furious flat or I was dumb and was unable to explain anything.

So also it met last feature scoring Ramer as a trigger Cunningham and abuse of any kind of psychoactive: the inability to carry out your vision.

For some time I know that in this first stage of my life I have to help to rescue and spread the ancient knowledge of the use of sacred plants, despite all obstructions autogenero me based on my various fears.

For example: return with Gaspar Fraga, the director of the magazine Hemp, whom I deeply admired when I interviewed him. Later I passed the first draft of the interview I approve it before publishing it in the course book that ended up being this website. I was not approved because it contained some things that had already expired and others that did not end like him. Then we agreed that when he returned to Barcelona would interview him again. But now that my thinking about marijuana has changed so radically as it did not know what attitude to take about not know how I could explain to him and the only reason I have not been able to go …

I imagine that when I am in his office and offer your spliff while we chatted back in front of the recorder, I do not know tell you why this time I can not accept it … I think that when you start to talk about subtle bodies, chakras, dreams, entities low astral and past life, I put the same saucer eyes that made me his friend Philip Borrallo when I asked if he had a book by John Lilly and I will say something similar to what he told me in his library “is not sold science fiction, but science texts on consciousness and psychoactive “…

During the sixties John Lilly was a pioneer in speaking for the first time in an academic environment such interesting things as messages from your guides and the dangers of not disable self-destructive programs that can keep our minds before venturing to experiment with substances like LSD. He suffered rejection and exclusion, academic neo inquisition say, that labeled him as mentally unbalanced and left marginalized. Just this kind of fear I did not mention anything Josep Maria Fericgla about what relived during his lecture and still do not know if someday I will have opportunity to do so …

Fericgla sure she understood me. Perhaps Gaspar Fraga never react like me hallucinate and pobablemente Felipe Borrallo have read enough of transpersonal psychology and everyone thinks differently to what my paranoia tells me, but surely not find out until the end of clearing blocking my chakra throat and dare me to talk again with them …

In fact, according to Barbara Brennan, evolution is a game in which everyone wins and we each have a specific role to play and the way to achieve it passes through the gradual improvement of all our personal limitations in order to deliver our gift to the world .

I have repeated countless times since I read that etymologically the meaning of drug or drug means both, remedy and poison at once, and depending on how and how often we use functions as one thing or the other. And yet, I failed marijuana test because I could not see the thin line between poison remedy.

Spiritually I learned that fear of expressing reality and bring my ideas to realize my vision is what led me to find precisely the psychoactive that at first I helped open the chakras that was most affected. And as I took advantage of that opportunity in which marijuana act as a remedy to gain momentum and abandon my fears thanking him for his help and saying goodbye to her time; what happened is that it became an obstacle because I was hooked to continue smoking and not only returned to the starting point by adding the burden of a dependency to my life, but I helped to block further my chakras walking away most of my vision.

One of the most important lessons I have drawn from my addiction to marijuana is that, as you say Donna and Andrew, stop drinking is not enough to restore harmony, but we also learn the spiritual lesson behind any addiction and repair the damage that abuse has caused both the physical body and the subtle bodies. And just in that I am now investigating how to repair the damage and trying different techniques.

In the first chakras I have already improved significantly, in the fifth or less and the sixth I think I still have enough … I’m already taking root, I married Joan Ramon, I have found a much more stable way to make a living sharing my knowledge about working with dreams and now I’m starting to do the same with plants and psychoactive substances and related spirituality, whose concepts gradually’m starting to land on my daily life issues …

Well, if you’re reading these pages and you can get something out of them, it means that there led her and I on the right track …

I sincerely hope so.