A year, a gear, hopefully the last for our reasons. As citizens we present this
The current social pact, expressed in the 2008 Constitution guarantees the participation, expression, organization, but above all the non-criminalization (Art. 364). Moreover, once approved approved the new Code Integral Penal in Official Gazette Supplement No. 180 of February 10, 2014, the Law on Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances (Act 108), which has to do repealing various offenses related to planting, growing, harvesting, use and consumption of controlled substances. By or that is necessary for the State seeking work together with organized civil society, resulting in timely responses to drug violence, the problematic use, but above all to disinformation solutions.
Therefore protected by these rights request:
A) Legislation derived from the new COIP, fair and attached to scientific truth.
Responsibility of the National Council of Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances, government agency which is intended, according to the Organic Code Integral Criminal regulate the authorization and requirements for production (Art. 219), possession or possession for personal use and consumption (Art . 220), justification prescription (Art. 224), the list of controlled substances (Art. 227), and the allowable amount of possession or possession for personal use or consumption (Art. 228).
This regulation should be consistent with Article 364 of our Constitution, plus all the articles cited the new COIP, which determine the maximum levels of consumption, the threshold of self-sufficiency, access to medicinal products, but also alternative forms of production and distribution which, in turn, will remove part of their funding organized crime.
CONSEP being a Board also is responsible for hearing the proposals of organized civil society and work together for the development of a more suitable to the reality of our country’s public policy. showing that we, proactive citizenship, are responsible for the joint work for a DESPENALZACIÓN AND SOCIAL ACEPATACIÓN, to help us reach a state of more harmonious coexistence and cultural synergy with the rest of society.
B) Non-criminalization of autocultivadores and users.
Responsibility of the Attorney General’s Office who, in strict compliance with the now repealed Law on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, accused blindly from the institutions, the autocultivadores and users under the same legal and penal principles criminalizing traffickers large scale . This eliminates the possibility of a more critical legal defense to the real problems refused and criminalizing the weakest, ignorant and defenseless drug chain links.
This responsibility should be today abide by the new Code Integral Criminal, providing the opportunity of a better direction in their efforts and those of the National Police, to combat the major financial capitals of organized crime, as well as guaranteeing civil rights and citizens now enshrined in international instruments, the COIP and its relevant regulations.
C) Release of immediate and unjustly deprived of liberty.
IMMEDIATE responsibility of the Ministry of Justice, Human Rights and Religious Affairs, Constitutional Court and the Judicial Council, which is consistent with international instruments (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 11: 2; International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. , Article 15: 1), with our current Constitution (Article 76: 5) and with the same COIP (Article 16: 2; 5:… 2) should give priority to world-famous principle of lenity or Law Enforcement Benigna back more, which is immediately applicable from the publication of any law.
This would ensure that many of the unjustly deprived of their liberty, by a repealed Act 108, today they are released in order to better society directed towards the Good Life, for which you also need a system of adequate containment and safe, it also It is part of our proposals.
Currently the 25,15% of prisoners in our country, ie 5283 people are detained by our inability to overcome this logic of submission (MJDHC 2013). By 2010 between 75% and 85% of women arrested in Ecuador they were behind bars accused of crimes related to “drugs” (WOLA REPORT: 2010).
Responsibility has also been assumed by the Public Defender of Ecuador more than one year ago, and what, in favor of the unjustly imprisoned has worked tirelessly for us to take a progressive pace in the new criminal law in matters relating to substances, but trying to help in all aspects recurrent rights.  For more information please read the health benefits of marijuana use.
Our concrete proposal, once people who have been victims of the “war on drugs”, identifies their social inclusion arises through a production cycle comprising four links:
  1. Scientific and social research to generate new knowledge that will allow us, based on our own ability to understand reality, build new relationships and production.
  2. Association of Popular Communities individuals in Production, Research, Education, etc. Under the principles of the People, Social and Solidarity Economy.
  3. Added generation (National Industry Community) value based on the production of associated communities value added production will be generated, thus achieving new relationship dynamics.
  4. Distribution, production of Community National Industries, to be composed of strategic products linked to this new production policy will be a priority for Public Management Systems.
This self-sustaining production cycle, which could begin with the production of hemp, can be applied to any area of ​​production in our country, so it can be integrated guarantor of our construction of sovereignty and Good Living, not only because it recognizes the oppression of which they have unjustly been subjected thousands of people, but offers our society a certain possibility of changing their production matrix, generating dynamics of social justice.
The self-cultivation is not a crime, and we COIP guaranteed in Art. 222, according to which only it will be punished who marketed their plants. The cannabis movement must mature further move towards a partnership model that allows us to regulate our own supply of cannabis, and we also provide assurances not to be vulnerable, but rather transparent with control agencies in substances and public health (CONSEP MSP).
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