Vaporizers: Top Features To Look Out For

vaporizer featuresIntroduction

Vaporizers provide a convenient method of ingesting marijuana, particularly for medical purposes that is considerably more efficient and, most importantly, safer than smoking. Smoking presents a number of health hazards, effectively making it counterproductive for you if you are using weed for medical purposes. That is why you should also switch to Vaping. However, since there are a variety of choices available to you, you need to find out the features that count, among many other crucial aspects of vaporizers. Below are features you should look out for, when shopping for one, to ensure you get the best atomizer.

How Does a Vaporizer Works?

Vaporizers, being battery-powered, have a heating element and a container in which pot is stored. When the pot comes in contact with the heater, the active chemical, in cannabis, heats up and vaporize. You the inhale (or vape) the vapor is a safer and more convenient form. Even though there are very many types of the devices in the market, they all function using the same principle.

Features to look out for

1. Portability

The best vaporizers are handheld, and hence allow you to carry around and enjoying vaping anywhere anytime. This feature is particularly handy in the present day busy lifestyle since you do not have to wait till when you arrive back in your place of residence to vape. If, on the contrary, you are home most of the time, a desktop vaporizer would serve you best.

2. Durability

Ordinarily, you want to get value for your money. Consequently, the best pot vaporizers are built to last. So, while shopping for one, scrutinize it to establish if it has a robust build. Since most vaporizers come with glass tubes through which the vapor passes when using it, you should also ensure that the glass used is sufficiently durable to minimize the risk of chipping, cracking and breaking.

3. Draw Duration

Draw duration is the length of time you require to get enough amount of vapor from your device. Evidently, you need one that provides shorter draw since such draws are normally more comfortable compared to long draws. So, make sure that the vaporizer you settle for offers short draw durations.

Benefits of vaporization

1. Absence of some: As your marijuana vaporizes, a thin spray of vapor results at a lower temperature of 170 degrees Celsius compared to 1,100 degrees when smoking the weed. Boiling it to such very high temperatures generates harmful carcinogens. Smoke is the primary cause of very many respiratory diseases including lung cancer.

2. Economical: Considering vaporization occurs at temperatures way below combustion, you get many active ingredients unlike it would have been when you smoke marijuana. Cannabinoids, for instance, are extremely combustible and hence may be destroyed when you smoke it, along with very many other delicate glandular trichomes.


Vaporizers provide the safest way to use marijuana. With the above guide on the features to look for, you are now set to shop for one that will meet your requirements and needs and hence suits you best. The benefits of using one are many; you stand to get maximum active ingredients without endangering your health.