What Is Dabbing – Reviews Of The Top Dab Vape Pens

dab vape pen for saleDabs are a very concentrated form of marijuana with a very high THC content. Unlike hash oil, they are very brittle and look like small bits of hardened honey. They go their name not just because they are small but also due to the fact that that can be “dabbed” onto a hot surface to release a gaseous emission that can be inhaled. Also known as dab vape pens, dab pens are small portable is specially designed for concentrates such as marijuana waxes or dabs.

Why use a dab pen?

Why spend your money on dab pen when all you need is a hot surface to release the THC? Better still; why not use an electronic nail? Well, the vaporization technology used in vaporizer pens s is much more efficient and controllable. The pens are also designed to save much of these expensive materials which would otherwise whip away into thin air. All the vapor is contained within the enclosed heating chamber and released in a controlled manner.

Electronic nails on the other hand, are a relatively new vaporization devices that provide a consistent temperature used to vaporize concentrates. But unlike dab pens, they are clumsy and expensive. The downside to using electronic nails is that you can easily waste a lot of product if the nail gets too hot. Thus main benefit of using a vaporizer over a nail is that you can maintain a consistent temperature. Most dab pens on the market use convective heating instead of conductive heating. Conductive heating systems used in e-nails require that you apply the concentrate directly to the hot nail. This is inefficient since small amounts of concentrate usually get burnt away. With convective eating on the other hand, the air is heated up to a specific temperature before being passed over the concentrate to release the THC without heating it, ensuring that you get some of the purest highs possible-nails are also not portable and can’t be used privately. Dab pens fit easily in your pocket and you can turn it on and off at your whim.  For more information on dabbing pens check out the popular vape manufacturer Dr. Dabber who makes the boost along with the ghost pen.

The term concentrate was coined after the fact that wax is infused with concentrated cannabis oil. This means that you only need to use very little of the substance to achieve the desired effect. Thus you can enjoy cannabis in a fun, innovative and uniquely discreet way by simply adding a small amount of wax into a dab pen and turning it on. Most experienced cannabis users agree that the dab alternative is easy, convenient, and their results are way more potent than what you would get from simply burning bud.

There are places where only concentrates are legal even for those with a medical marijuana prescription. In such places, anyone looking to use cannabis for medical purposes will need to have a vaporizer and THC concentrate, such as marijuana wax concentrate or “dabs.” Thus, from the trendy designs dab pens come in to the convenience of being able to smoke discreetly almost anywhere while enjoying better marijuana highs, the dab pen is clearly a device whose time has come.